The Greatest Deal of All

A Spamton headcannon turned into a five month journey to learn Photoshop, get used to my Wacom One tablet, and de-rust my art chops back up to the level of mediocre in order to illustrate it in a saccharine fan comic (I know the kids call them "AU"s but I'm a crotchety old lady who prefers to call it what it is: wish-fulfillment fanfic). Hopefully it's not completely terrible! And if it is, well, it was still a better use of five months than a couple years ago when I ground out five million gold for a brachiosaurus mount in a game I was sick of!

Each page can be clicked on to open a full-sized version in a new tab.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


Additional Comics

Mini-comics taking place in the same AU - for lack of a better thing to call it, I guess - mostly occurring between Chapter 3 and the Epilogue.

Escape Plan

Still Here

Shopping Trip

A Free Meal

Checking In


The Fox is Coincidence

Pull the Strings

4 vs. 4

Filler Comics

Small comics drawn for fun or to fill in small holes here and there, but ultimately don't add much to the ongoing story.

What If He's On Our Side?

The Adventures of Lemmy the Lemming

This is a prequel of sorts to Mario Busters, starring Lemmy partnered with Lomax as they try to stop the evil King Lemming from getting his hands on three gems and... doing... something with them. The group basically spends more time on sidequests in other dimensions than whatever the hell they were sent off to do in the first place. At least that's what it was supposed to be, until I lost interest in doing sprite comics, and then lost my sprite collection during a computer upgrade and OS reinstall. So it's pretty much stuck in limbo.

Part 1 - Annoying Little Green Shmucks

Part 2 - Fall of Many Things

Part 3 - Parallomax Scrolling

Part 4 - White and Black

Part 5 - Portal to Determined Future

Part 6 - C D E D B D Lemmings

Part 7 - No Humor Thing Is Complete Without A Chestburster

Part 8 - A Year Later

Mario Busters

This was a comic I did with Jay Resop of Neglected Mario Characters ages ago, i.e. back when Neglected Mario Characters was still his site. At its core it's about some Luigi and some other guys going after Mario who's being evil, only the plot has more twists and sidetracks than a Fusilli macaroni art of the New York metro system. I was kind of embarrassed to look at it for the longest time, but looking at it now it's actually kind of cute sometimes and has its moments. But it seemed like Jay was doing most of the funny stuff, while I was generally being shit. His comics were originally hosted on his site, but this series isn't listed on the NC comics anymore for some reason, so I decided to convert them here.

Part 1 - The Date of Destiny (by Codie)

Part 2 - Mine Eyes Have Seen the Tubby (by Jay)

Part 3 - Team RAY Blasts Off Slow as a Slug! (by Codie)

Part 4 - Theme Song (By Jay)

Part 5 - The Planet's Dumbest Animals (By Codie)

Part 6 - Nothing Says Dinner Like Liquid Gummi Bugs and Beef Jerky (By Jay)

Part 7 - Yays, Rays, and Jays (By Codie)

Part 8 - Theme Song Second Verse (By Jay)

Part 9 - Lemmings, Silly Putty, and Robots Equal Fun, Fun, Fun! (By Codie)

Part 10 - And You Thought It Was Just A Simple Running Joke (By Jay)

Part 11 - I Listened To The Sports Tribe Music The Whole Time (By Codie)

Part 12 - Theme Song Third Verse (By Jay)

Part 13 - I Considered Atma or Lavos, But After Too Many Games Of Bionic Commando I Decided To Throw The Albatross At Him (By Codie)

Part 14 - (By Jay)*

Part 15 - Squaresoft is Overrated (By Codie)

Part 16 - Theme Song Final Verse (By Jay)

Final Part - Darkfalz Beware the Generations of Doom (Ominous Warnings Ltd.) (By Both of Us)

* I guess after the title of Chapter 13, Jay decided to try for the shortest title he could get.