The books on the shelf are mostly based on various No Starch Press books I have around my work station. The real books are all the same height but, well, it's just boring to draw books all the same size. Eventually it delved into random crap and the issue of Catfancy is because I drew the books before I planned the titles and had to figure out something that would be that thin. And the Berserk volume is both because it's on my mind at the moment, and foreshadowing a meme I want to do but might save until Chapter 3 releases and Deltarune memes are "in" again.

Completely unrelated, but the fugly painting in that photo is a "paint dump" for lack of a better thing to call it. Back when I was taking painting classes I'd end the session with unused paint on the palette, and because of how hard it is to keep acrylics for later use I'd scoop it up with a palette knife and smear it on the canvas. Eventually somebody hung it on a wall for color.

There's no story reason for why Spamton NEO's arm canon looks different than it did in the original comic, I just redesigned it after realizing how stupid it looked to the point I'm half temped to pop open that comic's PSDs and redraw it.

I hope it's not weird that Ralsei is calling the box "barren." "Cold" might have been better, but that could read as him talking about temperature rather than hospitality.