If you haven't already guessed from the rest of this site, I love Lemmings. I love the games for their devious puzzles, I love the critters for their wacky antics and squeaky voices, and if I could have any video game animal of my choice as a pet... well, it would be a Skitty, but if I could have two it would be a Skitty and a lemming.

So here's my dedication to everything Lemmings I can get my grubby hands on.

Notice: This is one of the older areas of the site, so the quality of some of the articles (namely, everything in the "Games" category) is a bit dodgy. I'm working on bringing it up to my current standards, but rather than tear everything down I'll just post this disclaimer.


The game that started it all!

Actually the third Lemmings game, the Tribes takes everything about the first game and supersizes it while forgetting that, often times, less is more.

Cluttered levels, wonky mechanics, and a dodgy camera system result in a barely functional mess that desecrates both Lemmings and Jelly Belly.

A platformer with lemmings? Really!

Other Media

When lemmings are left to choose their own adventure, they tend to go splat.

The real enigma is how Genesis Quest got a sequel [/predictable joke]

Miscellaneous Lemmings memorabilia I've collected.


Fun Stuff

A goofy personality test based on Lemmings 2: The Tribes. For laughs only.

Soundtracks from the games.

Quirks and curiosities from across the series.