Yes, there is an on-going easter egg involving the made-up characters.

Ralsei is humming "Bloody Tears" from the Castlevania series. I wanted a song that was both recognizable and hummable, and that I could find sheet music of because I can't transcribe music to notes. Some other songs I thought about:

- Vagrant Story - "Ifrit" : Specifically, the bit from :37 to :42. It's hummable, but obscurity killed this idea as I couldn't find sheet music, and even people who have played Vagrant Story weren't going to readily recognize that snatch.

- Blaster Master - "Area 1" : Recognizable and there's plenty of sheet music available, but this song is too fast and complicated to hum. You can scat it just fine so if I'm given a reason to draw Ralsei doing a Scatman John impression I know which song to turn to.

- Final Fantasy X - "Hymn of the Fayth" : It's recognizable and sheet music is readily available, but there's already a Final Fantasy reference and I thought I'd give something else a shout-out. And in retrospect, singing "The Hymn of the Fayth" is more appropriate than humming it.

This was the first "extra comic" I ever planned out (4 vs. 4 was the first I ever finished), and even lifted a panel from it back in February '22 to practice drawing and coloring:

Hence the roughness of it. Notice Spamton still has his cheek dot way too far on the back of his head, I do not know why it took me so long to realize that's his temple, not his cheek.

I even considered finishing this one first after the main comic. Without the previous comics, the suddenness of Spamton being in the box, and popping out of it with the toy cat just seemed funnier. But then what would I do when I made the previous comics, list them out of chronological order?