Contact Information

General Contact:
Email: codiekitty(NOSPAM)@(NOSPAM) (Remove the NOSPAMs and please put "" somewhere in the Subject line)
Twitter: @Codiekitty

Gaming and Media:
Steam: Codiekitty
Xbox Live: Codiekitty
PSN: Codiekitty
YouTube: Codiekitty

Facebook: Codiekitty (I only have this because of a Steam contest, and I've never bothered to get into it because my mother follows it)
AIM: Codieskitty (Yes, with an S. I don't think I've used this since 2008)

I check my email several times a day and will try to respond even if it's just "Thanks for writing". But I may not respond if you don't give me somthing to respond to, or you didn't put "" in the title - I use this as a way of filtering spam that manages to slip through Gmail.

There's also been a couple times I received an email that made so little sense I had no idea how to respond. And there's been at least one instance where I wasn't sure of the motivation behind the email; the message was a little... odd, and I had reason to suspect the guy was trying to troll me on behalf of another party. If that email thanking me for hosting the Shadow of the Beast TG-CD music was legit then I apologize to that person, but you could have made your email a little less cryptic.

And if you're afraid your email is going to end up on the site for all to laugh at, don't be. If you have something to say, it's okay to email me. Unless you send me something aggressively stupid like a insultingly unprofessional bullet-pointed wall of text or a threat to sic an imaginary monster on me, I'm not going to showcase it on the site.

So are you a woman or a really fruity guy?

All woman, my friend.

How can I link to you?

My URL is "" If you use text links, just label the link "". If you want to use buttons, here's a few that I whipped up in about three minutes each. Just save the one you like the most to your own server as whatever name you want, and use it to link it to my site.

I'd like to advertise on You interested?

In the past I accepted ads, which usually meant somebody had me revise a couple sentences on a page and add in a few links, which I'd then take down a year later. Then I saw this Jim Sterling video on sponsored content and "SEO Juice" and felt like I'd been had. As such, I no longer run ads on this site, and I do not do sponsored content.

Say, I found this *really* old review of yours on some other site? And this message board post from years ago? On your site you said such-and-such, but in this old review you said...

Please do not hold me to that crap. My opinions have changed and matured over the years, so I'm bound to say things that contradict some godawful GameFAQs review I wrote ages ago back when I thought writing for that place was worth a tinker's cuss.

And regarding anything that appears on Cracked or another site, remember that what I write goes through an editor (or several) before appearing on the site. So before you yell at me for saying Samus being a woman didn't matter or calling the Super Nintendo hardware "primitive", stop and ask yourself if it sounds like something I would say. If it doesn't, then it probably wasn't me.

I thought I read such-and-such on a certain page, and I don't remember this being there. Am I going nuts?

Probably not. I often go back and edit pages, rephrasing things I found better ways to write or fixing typos and other errors, but don't bother to mention anything in the updates unless I, say, rewrite the whole thing, or I'm updating with information that was sent in to me.

Do you take your own screenshots and pictures?

I try to as much as possible. Sometimes I run into something like Little Britain that's so wretched I don't want to waste anymore time with it trying to find a decent image or even defile my scanner with the box, and I'll go gank the cover art from online. A couple times I've just been having a bad time and can't work up the energy to get my own picture. And with DS and PSP games, I really have no way of taking my own screenshots with the possible exception of photographing the actual system, but that only works with RPGs and cutscenes. And even then, I still can't believe this image came out as well as it did.

You didn't respond to my Xbox Live Friend invite! What gives?

Due to a combination of not really having a way to keep the Xbox plugged in constantly and just not being a particularly social gamer, I really only connect to Xbox Live to buy Arcade games (and since the games tend to appear on Steam, that's happening less and less). And if I log on and see several messages in my inbox from the same guy whining about how I'm ignoring him, I'm even less inclined to accept because he looks like a nut.

If you send me a friend invite on Steam I will probably accept it, but I reserve the right to defriend you if you start sending me cryptic nonsense or spamming me with pointless messages that have me afraid to go on Steam. But if you really want to let me know you're legit, send me an email first.

If I gift you a game on Steam will you do a quickie of it?

I cannot accept gifted games on Steam, GOG, and so on. Feel free to suggest something to me, but let me pay for it and play it on my own terms. The problem with gifts is money gets involved, and if I end up not liking the game that much that's going to be a problem. What if somebody had gifted me Cat Quest? Or fucking Armikrog? Or Tembo the Badass Elephant, a game I couldn't even bring myself to finish? Do I review it honestly and risk hurting somebody's feelings? Or do I go easy on it and present a dishonest writeup? Heck, even a game I like but think is flawed could be a problem; if the giftee blows up at me for pointing out those flaws, well, now I've got that negativity associated with the game.

I would also rather not have somebody intentionally gift me a terrible game as a gag, like those Bad Rats games were you blow up cats. Or blow money on garbage because they want to see me rip it apart, like YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG*. And I really don't need somebody sending me a Steam copy of That-Game-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named and asking for a review of it, because frankly I'd rather eat my copy of the Genesis version than ever play through the remake.

* This game sounds like it'd be a right larf to tear apart, but I've seen testimonies that some of the main people on it are absolute pieces of shit, and even for lulz I can't support that with my money. Maybe if it ever ends up in a Humble Bundle and I can just give the money to charity I'll take a look, but until then I'm sitting this party out.

What's with the blue cat? Are you a furry? And what about the lemmings?

Well, I don't believe I'm really a cat, I don't dress up as a cat in the real world, and I don't have a yiffing fetish, so no.

So why do I represent myself with the cat? Mainly because it's a lot easier and better looking than drawing myself. Although recently I've come to think of Codiekitty, or CK for short, not so much as me per se, but more as a seperate character that just has a lot of me in her (the cat's also a girl). Hell, CK herself is practically an anti-furry, a cat that's trying to be human.

As for the lemmings, I just love lemmings! As for when they appear on the site, it varies. If CK is hanging out with a group of lemmings, it's a group of lemmings. But if she's with a single lemming as is more often the case, usually it's Lemmy.