I apologize if the art in this comic is even more fucked up than normal. My job leaves me with little time to draw and practice and learn the shit I don't know how to do, and even less mental energy. And as much as I want to finish the story, I cannot work on these comics for very long before I get too angry thinking about how the whole point of Deltarune is that the player is the true villain and even pacifist players are bastards for messing with its cast and need to be rallied against and kicked out of the game, and I throw my stylus down. After six months I really just wanted to get this done with.

I was hoping Chapter 3 was going to release in September 2023 so I could work Spamton and Mike's relationship into the comic. That didn't happen, so I had to write around it.

"A Big Piece of Garbage" is the title of the Futurama episode with the garbage ball from space.

Around the third time I had to draw all those dinosaurs on Spamton's arms and legs I started to regret not putting him in the blue pajamas.

Yes, Susie is talking about Jim Henson.

I was going to turn Sam the Eagle into a parrot until I remembered Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be America's national bird.