Resources and Acknowledgments

Thought I'd share the most useful videos I watched to learn how to make this (others, like one on word bubbles, I didn't get anything out of and one is not only behind a LinkedIn Learning paywall but was made redundant by stuff I learned down the line):

The Fastest Process for Making Comics in Photoshop - Brookes Eggleston : This is a decent starting point but there are several things I would do different in the future. Some of the thing taught here bit me in the butt down the road, namely doing the artwork on top of the border instead of under it.

How to Make a Comic Inking Brush in Photoshop - Robert Marzullo - Stumbling into this and the next video are what finally got this project moving.

How to create your own pencil brush in photoshop - Art with CMills : Yeah I know I should have this before the inking brush video, but I used one of the inking brushes I made in that video to make my pencil brush instead of the basic hard round shown here.

Quick Photoshop Comic Lettering Tutorial - sketchsawyer : Maybe not the way to make the cleanest word bubbles, but I think it makes cute word bubbles. Though instead of using the lasso and fill tools, I painted the bubbles in with a Hard Round brush. I also used the Stroke layer effect taught here with the Line tool to get the white borders between panels.

WOLVERINE! by Brian Level: A Photoshop comic coloring tutorial - Color with Kurt : While the job here is far more advanced than what I did (heck I was able to do most of the flatting with the magic wand instead of the lasso tool) it's a good overview of coloring techniques.

Photoshop Comic Book Coloring: The Basics v2.0 - Color with Kurt : Another coloring video from the same guy, this one being notable for where I learned about Screen blending which I used to make Spamton's eyes light up.

DIGITAL COLORING Like a PRO!- Jazza : Main takeaway from this one was the charge effects from the Power of Neo that got covered by wires anyway.

And I guess I owe a shoutout to RainySyndrome on Twitter, whose Spamton sketches inspired me to pick up a sketchpad and get back into drawing, and is also where I lifted the idea of Spamton having eyes behind his glasses.

Oh, if anyone's wondering how many times I listened to "BIG SHOT" while making this: several times, but I didn't specifically pull it up, I had it on a playlist and let it cycle through. To be honest I probably listened to "It Has To Be This Way" more often.