This was made before the main comic to try to get the hang of comic making. I chose this for testing because it required no context and anyone could look at it and figure Spamton buddied up with the kids after the NEO encounter, and can freely change between forms. The art is noticeably rougher both due to inexperience and my not having found nor created good pencil and inking brushes yet (the brush I did use for inks looked cool on large objects like Spamton NEO getting in the punks' faces, but it was disgusting to use on anything smaller than that), so you'll notice things like the Robot Chicken mouths and the use of black for shadows making Ralsei look sooty, as if Susie tied him to her axe handle and used him to clean out a chimney. And yes, I was doodling Spamton for way too long before I realized I was putting his cheek dots too far on the back of his head. I also lightened up Kris' colors after this because it was hard to read their eyebrows with their hair that dark.

The idea behind this comic was, while my instinct is to be gentle with Spamton, I wanted to come up with a situation where I was willing to try to make him creepy. Emphasis on try because I think he still came out cute.

I hadn't learned about Screen blending yet, so Spamton's eye glow was done by applying a Gaussian Blur to his eyes then duplicating the layer a few times, which is both more time consuming and less effective.

Yes, there is an Easter Egg with the four punks.

Very rough sketch of an extra panel I did for lulz, but left out of the final comic because I felt it ruined the pacing: