Suito Homu

If you actually read the synopsis on the main page, I said this was the most expensive movie I ever bought. Well, that's half true. It was $20 for the movie, and $5 for shipping. I've paid more for some movies, but they gave me a lot more for the money. Then again, I saw an official VHS of it go for $30 on eBay, subtitles not included, and probably not even playable on American VCRs. I guess it wasn't a bad deal.


Players of the game who never got ahold of the tranlsation notes (like myself) may be confused as to who this "Taguchi" character I speak of is. The game's programming allowed six characters to rename the people, and only five for the default names. When translated into English, "Taguchi" was seven characters and too long to fit either way. Thus, the fan translators renamed him "Taro". So whenever you see "Taguchi", I'm referring to the cameraman in the magenta coat. You can remember it by looking at the first two letters.

Also, it should go without saying that there's quite a few spoilers for the game and movie about. If you wish to play the game first, click here to download the ROM. And I'm warning you, it's gory almost from the get-go, so little kids or the faint of heart, no touchy. I know emulation might seem immoral, but this game was never released officially in America so your only other choice is to learn Japanese and import.

Lastly, due to the graphic nature of this movie, and thus the screens I'll be showing and some profanity, I'm making a request to anybody easily queased and small children; get out.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Babysitting
Chapter 2: My Contact Lens Has Shifted!
Chapter 3: Stupidity
Chapter 4: More Purdy Pictures
Chapter 5: "Give Me Back My Baby"
Chapter 7: Sanity's Requiem
Chapter 8: Longest Death Scene Ever
Chapter 9: Noise
Chapter 10: Plucked Birds
Chapter 11: Plot Development, Metal Gear Solid Style
Chapter 12: I Take Back What I Said About Chapter 8
Chapter 13: Akiko's Underwear

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