Suito Homu

I Take Back What I Said About Chapter 8

Following the leader, the leader, the leader...

The picture quality makes it looke like Kazuo came in with the BFG 9000.

A gate, kind of like in the game's dungeon.

Inside the gate? Man, what am I saying.

"By, uh, punching I guess?"

And Mura comes up to a cheap prop door.

The gate predictably closes on its own behind them.


After a little bit of pointless shaking, Akiko gets the light.

The door flies open, and a strong wind blows Mura onto his back and putting his feet up in the air for the third time.

I'll blame that one on the subbers as well.

Actually, the furnace ROOM is at the end of the hall.

Kazuo still acts like the light's going to do anything.

Well, okay, so it lights up the wall.

She's not an elecronics wizard, dude. She can't just snap her fingers and control the lights.

"Well, it's not me."

Um, Kazuo and Akiko, or Lady Mamiya?

"Memories of burning your child to death!"

"She doesn't even know how to feed herself yet!"

In the game, using the Photo against Mamiya made the character say something like this. The photo shows her when she was alive thirty years ago. Here, it's kind of random.

Mamiya lets out another one of those Black Tyranno screeches.

"Yeah, it's not the screeching, my ears are cold. And the mittens are so warm."

"Mars is it?"

And the light explodes.

Players of the game should know what's coming up. I know I did.

Yamamura starts marching towards the door, singing his drunk song again.

And gets electrocuted.

And makes a red light flash.

"Think he's alright?"

The camera just stares at the door for no less than twenty seconds. Just stares there.

FINALLY somebody comes out.

That's not good.

Curse isn't a load of hooey now, is it?

Why the hell not?

"Meaning stop standing around for me to magically stop liqufying and regain what flesh I've lost!"

Mura starts flailing around like some animatronic Pirates of the Carribean reject.

Kazuo, he's history.

Akiko, I said he's history.


They finally smart up and leave.

A chase down the hall.

Shot of the moon.

Akiko somehow comes to the conclusion that the moon means they can get out.

"Oh no. Akiko, did I ever tell you have lycanthropy?"

You probably can't figure out what this is, but they open the door to find somebody boarded it up.

No Kaz, we'll just turn to jelly and slush through the holes. Like that Alex Mack chick.

Akiko starts kind of jabbing it with a chair.

Kazuo picks up something and keeps it off screen most of the time.

I guess somebody forgot that the shadows can move in light anyway.

But that's okay, because the clouds start blocking out the moon.

And Emi's too stupid to move into the light.

So Akiko goes to move her sorry ass for her.

A lot of movement goes on between Akiko and Emi's hands. I can't tell exactly what's going on, but I do know it's annoyingly long.

Kazuo finally breaks through.



"Oh no!" *POP*

MOST ANNOYING SCREAM IN THE MOVIE! And it wasn't even made by Asuka!

Akiko sure hauled ass out of there fast.

Insert Planet of the Apes reference of you choice here.

"Maybe I'll even jump into the furnace room like Yamamura."

Technically you do, but since your daughter's in there and all.

Kissy time?

Ah well, hugs are better.

This scene feels ripped off some love-war-movie.

"Maybe you would have talked some sense into me when I wanted to come here."

Well, this looks awfully familiar.

Kazuo lets out one last yell for Emi as he enters the black void.

Yamamura's also completely forgotten after he pointlessly dies. Let's take a moment to honor this brave man.

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