Suito Homu

Akiko's Underwear

Taguchi: "Oh, come on! I worked hard to bury that!"
Asuka: "You're also the one responsible for us getting killed."
Taguchi: "Screw you."

Woah now. The game had blood by the barrel and a story that could be considered risque today. The movie swapped out the plot and most of the blood for alcohol, cigarettes, swearing, and partial nudity!

Power of ugly dress.

Akiko mumbles "power of mind" no less than five times as she puts the dress on.

A chandelier falls. Yay.

Akiko: "What was that about?"
Director: "I'm, not sure myself. We were aiming to end this at 1:30, and all this random crap put it at 1:37."

Back to the basement.

The gate again.

As if we didn't get enough of the door in the last chapter.

The room keeps booming and shaking as Akiko walks down the hall. It's not really scary, just causes motion sickness.


It's as if Mamiya WANTED her baby to fall into the abyss. What the hell.

No, it's Salazar, AKA squeaky voicedwho do you think it is.

"Or at least what's left of it!"

Trust me, you don't want to see her.

Another thirty second stare at the door.

"You better have a pot of tea going!"

Resourceful woman, and also not as dumb as Taguchi.




Home run! Akiko wins the World Series!

Ready or not, here I come!

Oh, I bet the filmers loved this view.

...seeing as how it they let it sit there for about a minute while Akiko flails her legs around.

And another ten seconds of Akiko straining while fake climbing.

The coffin starts to get pulled into the furnace room.

That got her up the ledge fast.

"Who gave you any say in this subject? I'm the ghost!"

And she loses it.

She ties one end of the cable to... something...

...which was apparently a desk that got effortlessly pulled with the coffin.

What's a desk doing down here anyway?

The desk gets shocked and exploded. Smart, Akiko.

Uh, another light explodes.

Wee, no melting Akiko.

Guess she didn't want the baby that much after all.

Something interesting, Akiko?


It looks like she's going to open the door, but the scene then shifts to this obnoxiously long scene of Akiko struggling to lift a handle, which I'll omit because it's not there for anything.

NOW she opens the door.

Considering how much effort Akiko has to put into pulling a lever and opening the door, unless they named the kid "Clark Kent" I can't help but wonder how the hell he got in there.

"Oh poo, I thought I found the perfect Hide-and-Go-Seek hiding place."

"Thank heavens, now I can take this ugly thing off!"

"Woops! Guess you're gonna need some skin grafts after this is done!"

Stick your hand in and find out.

"And if I succeed, I get my Driver's License!"

Somebody decided we hadn't gotten sick of that phrase yet.

Yup, she jumps in.

The following scene is a lot of movement that's barely discernable because of the flames.

And you're not. Nya.

What? Mamiya IS a mother who lost a child!

And the fingers don't need to light up, because they're already on fire!

"Wee! Let's do that again!"

And suddenly Emi's unconscious again.

Akiko is ugly when she's angry.

Deer caught in a headlight!


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