Suito Homu

Sanity's Requiem

The only good Asuka is an unconscious Asuka.

Please don't.

"I don't trust your father."

...err, if you're taking the car to the hospital, how is everyone else going to leave immediately?

"Stick your finger in the socket and make sure."

"But the oil tastes fine."

What? After all that stuff to Taguchi about not breaking things?

"Oh, you're such a strong man, Kazuo. Pick me up and carry me!"

At least she didn't impale herself on the steering wheel or something. That's just be messy.

"The slightest movement could shift stuff around and kill her."
"Really? >:-)"

"Yeahyeahyeah, she hit her head. She also totalled the car. I had just three payments left!"

"And I'll probably arrive just in time to save Yamamura-san from the burly truck-driver whose semi he screwed."

As if he'd really be able to do anything.

"Oh you know, burglars, kidnappings, mysterious deaths, you know."

I think I'm missing a scene here, but I can't be bothered to go find it.

It's the Ancients at work!


Best line in the movie.

"And I'm trying to be an idiot about this."

"It's like sandpaper soaked in honey. It's really weird."

By "any longer" she means three minutes. [/foreshadow]

*record scratch*

Nothing's happening to Kazuo. Now, there was Taguchi's run-in with Mamiya (which I don't think he even told anyone about) and Asuka hitting her head.

"What could happen to me? I broke some piece of car equipment that looks like a mine detector with my bare hands!"

"Oh, it's nothing about what you just said. I was just thinking about something I saw on Leno last night."

"You've never seen Headlines? It's the best!"

"It's not?"

Yeah, that's the way to win her heart.

Kazuo's a real Romeo.

Did I say a Romeo? I meant a friggin' Prince Charming!

"But what's going to be funny is if I ram my size four down your throat."

Because he's a man.

I'm half expecting her to club him with that thing right about now.

"Sure I do! And I think they're funny!"

Do you understand the meaning of life?

"No Taguchi's, nor Asuka's if she had any."

"That's what I just said."

"My dog died this morning."


"This vacation ended way too soon."

"Can't leave without my dorky hat."

"Hey, I'm all right!"

Emi seems to be taking the stuff away somewhere else, even though Akiko told her to stay and watch the place.

Love the detail of the blanket falling off the bed. Really, I don't mean that sarcastically.

This scene actually lasts about thirty seconds, and involves Emi just looking back and forth, even a short while after she says "Asuka?"

Stumbling down the hall like a drunk.

Maybe you should yell at her, rather than just wisper to yourself.

And Emi just dumps all her stuff on the floor.

What is that wall? It's like we've suddenly entered the Temple of Doom here.

"Nobody here."

"I guess I'll go wander around the creepy mansion looking for that insane bat."

The shadows start spinning around the room. It actually lasts about two minutes, and it's just a bunch of movement and noise, so I'll spare you the misery.

It took me about three viewings to figure out what that was. I originally thought it was the other end of the hallway. It's actually a light on the wall.

Third most irritating scream in the movie. Second is Asuka's scream as the beam falls, first is later.

Emi doesn't really run out, she more like speed walks out.

"Oh, sorry. I meant to say 'I scared the shadows'."

What is Kazuo pointing at?

My thoughts exactly.

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