Suito Homu


"Checking in? What the hell is all that?"

I would've guessed that when, I dunno, the house has been abandoned for thirty years?

Akiko replies like she's giving a witty comeback instead of stating the obvious.

Taguchi mutters something that isn't subtitled, which might lead some viewers to believe he's calling Akiko something's dirty. But he's just saying "Hatsudenki ka?", or"Generator?"

Along the way, Taguchi come upon the Memorial Tower. It appears to be in some woods, while it's on a small island in the middle of a lake in the game.

Taguchi stops to take a gander at it.

At the top of the tower is a rock shaped like a skull. Taguchi takes the time to examine it, but obviously not really care.

A little more trecking through the woods uncovers the generator shack.

Well, it's locked, and since we've already established that Taguchi isn't above breaking things to gain access, what does he do?


I don't understand why he couldn't have just gotten some other rock rather than kick over some cryptic obviously man-made tower with a skull-shaped rock at the top.

Resourceful chap. Dumb, but resourceful.

The electric generator. An obstacle in the game, a reason to make Taguchi kick over the Memorial Tower in the movie.

Let there be light!

Yes, the lights are on! I get the idea!

I liked that game. But I could never get the Writer's Cramp, because the pencil would always roll into one of the corners of the slot, beneath the metal part.

Couldn't we just burn it?

"Like, if it's completely collapsed into a heap and we find we were dusting off a blank wall for a day."

No, making sure places are tidy is your specialty.

Boy, this green water just adds to the beauty and splendor of the fresco.

"Hey, how come we don't get any special outfits for wading in this muck?"

Missed a spot.

"Taguchi, I know it looks like people have been dumping in it for thirty years, but could you still please wait for the toilet?"

"You make terrible coffee, dad."

"Go poison Akiko instead."

"I actually like her."

Considering how old she probably is, I don't think she's exactly beating off men with a stick.

"Now, Asuka, I'd mind. She smells funny."

"And take up a hobby, like stamp collecting, or building birdhouses."

He's not even young now!

Exchange of giggles.

Or maybe he's laughing at the fact you think he's young.

Don't go there, Emi.

Take note of this, as she goes back on this in the next chapter.

Yeah, I don't think her mother would be trying to play matchmaker between you and anyone else.

"You got a Twix bar in your ear? I said you're so much like your mom!"

Eh, what? Recheck your English... oh wait...


"And not ever! I want to live long enough to get a boyfriend."

"Yeah, I'm really sorry about slipping in that green stuff and breaking my back. Do you think this makes me look like Professor X?"

"Who are you waving to?"
"Those nice people watching us!"

Asuka vacuums up a portion of the dust to reveal the words "Home Sweet Home", written in English.

"Come to the light! The liiiiiight!" or whatever that line was.

I think it's supposed to be shadows from light coming in the blinds, but it looks like somebody's filming from inside a closet.

"Hm, this should bring a pretty penny on eBay."

"Well, she suggested I give you some of my coffee, and when I said I actually cared for your safety, she ran off."

Huh, in the movie, it's Akiko rather than Kazuo who has the lighter. And all she really "burns" is the front of a cigarette.

Oh yeah, that's real fatherly dreams for their kid.

"Well, at least until she dies."

"And had she taken some of your coffee, she'd have to come out of her coma first."

Boy, are we Mr. Social or what?

Right after Kazuo says that, it shifts to Emi jumping around on a bed and throwing feathers around, implying that one of the things Kazuo's always wanted to do with his life was jump around on a bed and throw feathers around.

...and backroll himself into this uncomfortable position.

"Ooh! Buttons!"

I think this is the only time in either the game or the movie where you actually get an idea what Mamiya looked like before she was a murderous, psychopathic ghost.

"Wow! Who left this picture in here for thirty years?"

Picture dims.





Is it just me, or did some kind of face appear in the middle of the picture?

Emi tries to fix it by blowing on it.

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