Suito Homu


Hey, it's Lily Munster.

Akiko crawls through some... vines?

She seems nervous that the furnace door slammed shut just before she made it there, as if she was going to hide in there.

"Look at my scar! Isn't it neat?"

"Of course I do! I just want to burn her anyway!"

Just as Akiko finishes that, a huge swelling in Mamiya's neck occurs...

...and a baby's head pops out of her shoulder, ala Army of Darkness.

The transformation actually goes on for a while, but it was impossible for me to get pictures that were onscreen and you could still tell what's going on.

So, fast forward about a minute, and Mamiya's done becoming a freak. Why she turns into this other than to correspond to the game, I don't know.

Mamiya shocks a shelf which goes flying at Akiko and Emi.

What the hell, Emi?

Then she shocks Emi, and starts pulling her and almost taking her dress off.

My preciousssss!

Akiko starts lamely tossing random garbage at Mamiya while Emi screeches in her ear.

The chair's the first thing you can actually see.

Wee, Akiko's actually able to put some force into that one.

So let this be a lesson to you, kids. Chairs explode.


Yeah, like she can really go anywhere with the hideous freak of nature blocking the door.


Mamiya actually zaps Akiko about five times before the pitchfork goes flying into the wall.


A plan brewing, Emi?

Yes, I think she has a plan.

"Yeah, I think if I give her her ugly doll back, she'll chill out."

Kid's stiff as a brick. Now, I know corpses go stiff after a while. It's called rigor mortis. But since this corpse is thirty years old and still looks like it's freshly killed, I'd imagine it'd animate like that as well.

"You knock off this rampage garbage, or I'll lob this back into the furnace!"

"The hell are you doing?"



This scene is actually a little touching. The cute little human kid giving a corpse to a mutant ghost.

In all honesty, I'm expecting her to eat it and continue her rampage.

Awww, the big freaky monster is crying.

"How did you know that would stop her?"
"The guy off screen was telling me to do it."

Mamiya starts wildly swinging around as if scream-crying, except shes not making any noise. I guess the filmers didn't want it interferring with the music. Which is good, I guess.

Aw, so touchy-feely, I could puke.

The baby starts glowing, then Mamiya.

Nice to finally be able to see the picture again.

In a few flashes of smoke, she's... I dunno, I guess a hologram of her normal self holding the kid. I don't know.

In a few more flashes of red smoke, she's an angel.

Fly away!

The game's ending chokes me up every time I see it. This might actually be just as beautiful if not for the terrible picture quality., she just flies past some stairs and into the sky, implying there's no ceiling above the basement.

Oh, and notice it's day out, when about an hour ago it was the middle of the night.

After thirty minutes of pictures so dark they're impossible to see, careful this doesn't blind you.


Nap time!

Wonder how they got past that big hole in front of the furnace room.

"Do you want the dress now?"

"Wish I could tell you."

The fact you're holding and comforting her implies he's dead.

Now we're inside the mansion.

There's a noise coming from within the closet.

Leave it to this movie to blow any scary/serious scene within a minute of showing it.

I guess the scripters wanted to make it seem that Kazuo would have suffered Yamamura's fate if it weren't for that thing.

They walk off, struggling like Emi broke her leg.

They magically know to turn around.

He magically knew where to meet them.

"Oh man, have I got a story to tell you two!"

"Yeah, well, we battled a ghost."

Not exactly a wheatfield.

And they leave. I guess we're just left to assume Kazuo took Akiko to be his bride.

Then the credits roll as we get a view of the mansion.

1988? Is that when the movie started production, or when it was released? Because the game and movie were released hand-in-hand, and the game was released in 1989.

And the mansion collapses.

And now you know the nonsensical tale of the Sweet Home movie. Now you can enjoy the game so much more.

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