Suito Homu


Outside of the spooky mansion.

Getting killed.

Have fun.

In all honesty, it's probably safer outside than in the mansion.

"Emi, you'll be Dorothy, and I the Tin Man. Akiko, would you like to be the scarecrow or the cowardly lion?"

Ooh, lights, just when they're most convinient.

Look Emi! An outline!


I've got a surprise for you! :)

"Owowow, not by the ear!"

I wonder if when they reburied the baby, they noticed that rubble.

"...or at least it did before somebody knocked it over."

"Oh, that curse I laughed at Akiko about earlier?"

Eh, he's still a better lawyer than Jack Thompson.

Okay, if any of these people had two brain cells, they could probably put the facts together and figure something out. The generator is nearby. Akiko sent Taguchi to turn on the generator. The pile of rocks near the generator is destroyed.

"I saved his life after he banged a car and it almost crushed him."

There's not even any reason for Mura to be asking that. What the hell.

He's trying to save your lives, Kaz.

Emi: "Dad, when I said you should settle down and get married, this isn't what I had in mind..."

"We may have desecrated a monument that kept a murderous ghost at bay, but that doesn't mean you should know about it."

He means that he's more than willing to get out of there, but there's a good reason he can't.

No, one's a torsoless bloodthirsty monster with his head bashed in and the other... well, that's coming up shortly.

Ha ha ha...

"The maids are still cleaning up after your murdered friend!"
"What was that?"

Damn blasted filmers! Now they're doing it from behind a pile of junk!

And you're a stubborn idiot. It evens out.

Look brat, he already said he wanted to leave too, he just doesn't want to leave Taguchi and Asuka for dead... wait a minute...

"Oh, spiders, and breaking nails, and stuff."

Interesting how Kazuo doesn't notice the stiff hand sticking up until the camera pans to it.

I seriously hope you two aren't hoping he's still alive.

Worst puppet ever.

Worst acted reaction ever.

More stuff nobody notices until the camera focuses on it.

I swear, this is the last time you'll see this.

"Sorry about not wanting to be your babysitter!"

This part makes me laugh. I can't imagine what's going through Shingo Yamashiro's head as the director's telling him to act scared and cover the most ridiculous puppet ever (which he does a pretty slapdash job of).

While he's putting the blanket on Taguchi, a red light starts flickering on him.

Um, apparently something spontaneously combusted in the other room?

Somebody failed Fire Saftey 101.

Yet more wacky Japanese science. Apparently getting hit in the head with an axe turns you into a mound of molten lava.

Seriously, if you can figure out what the hell happened here, drop me a line, because I can't.

How could you tell?

Sad-ish music, Emi crying, magma blurping. It's just a symphony!

Camera focuses on the pile of lava again.

And then it switches back to our living heros, the sad music just stops, and Kazuo closes the door, once again turning what could have been emotional and frightening into a self-parody.

"No time for 'I told you so's, let's just get out of here!"

Kazuo points to them, but I'm starting to wonder. Now, why they don't want to touch Asuka is understandable (even if she wasn't a bubbling mass of magma, I wouldn't touch her), but couldn't they carry what's left of Taguchi outside and, you know, give him a proper burial instead of just leaving him to rot?

The movie finally does something smart and doesn't show us the mutilated Taguchi again.

...and then blows it by taking us back to the pile of lava.

I think Taguchi's midsection being totally dissolved away and the hole in the ground is an indication that something unnatural is going on. I'm not sure about the lava thing. That's just nonsense.

Gueeeeess whoooo-oooo.

By the way, I hope you liked Taguchi and Asuka while they lasted, because they're never mentioned again.

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