Floater Lemming Pin

This pin features a traditional Floater Lemming, drawn in the fasion of the original lemmings. I can't say I know for a fact where this originally came from, but I read it came packaged with the old PC and Mac versions of the game.

Lemming Tribe Pins

There was a set of twelve of these, one for each Tribe. Although I only have pictures of the Classic and Medieval lemmings, I've managed to get all of them but the Highland and Shadow lemmings, but just haven't gotten around to getting a picture. The Classic one is almost like the original Floater lemming pin above, except it's drawn in a more cartoony style. I believe they were randomly bundled with the computer version of the game in Europe. That meant two things - first, in order to get them all, you either had to buy multiple copies of the games (and pray that you get a different pin in each one), or buy them. Both are difficult, as twelve copies of the game could drain a pocket fast (plus the fact it's obviously discontinued), and these things never come up on eBay.

Lemmings 2: The Tribes T-Shirt

I got this off eBay from Great Britain. The shirt features the group of lemmings standing in front of the Talisman, as shown on the cover of every version of the game I've seen, although for some reason, it's missing the Beach and Shadow tribes.

If you happen to be wondering what that black circular thing is off to the right of the picture, that's my cat's tail.

And here is a good look at her. Her name is Arlene. She did not like the flash on my camera.

Now that you know a little more about my personal life, let's move on.

Lemmings Adventure Game Books

There's two of these, "The Genesis Quest", and "The Hypnosis Enigma". I imagine they're something like those old Nintendo game books, and I haven't played through Hypnosis Enigma yet, but shittin' shinola the Genesis Quest was such a waste of time I'm not exactly looking forward to it.

As with a lot of Lemmings products, I think these were only released in Europe, since there's no dollar price on the thing.

Lemmings SFX 7" Mix Record

If you don't have a record player, you're not missing much with this thing. I only paid $5 for this (including the shipping), and the only things I got out of this were a few laughs. There's only two songs on it, one on each side. One side has the Lemmings SFX Mix, and the other has a song called "I Think You'd Better Do What He Says". And they both suck.

I should probably mention that if you go on eBay, you'll frequently see a Blink 182 Lemmings record. I don't believe that has anything to do with the computer lemmings, and I'm honestly not willing to spend the money to find out.

Side A is a rap remix of songs from Lemmings 2: The Tribes. It starts out with a rather nice remix of the Lemmings 2 title screen, but once the singer starts it's all downhill. The deep voiced singer is VERY unfitting, as lemmings sound like chipmunks. A high pitched singer would have been irritating, yes. But when fans can get it better than the professionals, you know something's wrong. I can't understand the words well, except for one line that goes something like "an explosion occurs and a lemming goes down", obviously talking about the Bomber/Exploder. The tune of the song consists mainly of the title screen music, but occasionally the singer stops and we hear a nice remix of the Medieval tribe song. But it's still not that great of a song.

Side B has almost nothing to do with lemmings. After three loops of a weird jump of music and words involving "Get down, stay down", "I think you'd better do what he says", and the Andy Griffith Theme (I'm not kidding - they put somebody whistling the Andy Griffith theme on here), we finally get something. However, it uses a "warped" effect which makes it incredibly difficult to understand, so all I can make it is that it has something to do with lemmings and an exit.

There's a 12" version with an extra song on it. I saw it once, and failed to obtain it. But if that third song is anything like these two, I don't think I should get too worked up over it.

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