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- My strongest recommendations.

Lemmings (Genesis)

I've found the Genesis' sound hardware works best when used for rock music, and it seems the developers of this version of the game agreed. By the way, I'm announcing this now but this applies to all versions of the game; "How Much is That Doggie in the Window" is excluded from all versions because, man, screw that song.

Awesome - This is lifted from the Amiga game Awesome and used in the level inspired by it. Electronic and spacey.

Cancan - Loud, fast, and energetic, my favorite version of the Cancan.

Dance of the Four Little Swans - This one is a little empty compared to the other console versions, like it's missing most of the harmony.

Dance of the Reed Flutes - From Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite".

Ending - This is a more jazzed up version of the Intro theme, although part of it sounds like the Ufouria theme below.

Forest Green - This is some folk song that has part of the "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" theme mixed in.

Intro - This closely resembles the original Amiga version of the Intro. The SNES version is a lot more fleshed out.

Keep Your Hair On Mr. Lemming - One of the better versions of this alarmed song.

Lend a Helping Hand - This isn't the most impressive song in the game, but it's worth listening to.

London Bridge is Falling Down - It could also be Mary Had a Little Lamb. Who knows!

Menace - This just sounds like buzzing and percussion to me, but what the hell.

Mind The Step - Oh by the way, I wasn't sure what, if anything some of these songs were called, so I just named them after a level that I felt fit the song. For example, this one sounds like careful treading, so I named it after that level where you have to navigate a single lemming through a bunch of obstacles.

One Way or Another - My favorite version of this song. Sounds really determined.

Pachelbel's Canon - I've seen some debate over whether this is Pachelbel's Canon or not, but at least part of it really sped up version of the song.

Postcard from Lemmingland - This one's pretty laid back and mellow, making me think of a beach-bumming lemming.

Rainbow Islands - Damn, that high pitched trumpet thing that starts at :14 sounds like something out of Phantasy Star.

Rondo Alla Turca - I guess this was originally done with a piano, but this sounds like it's being played with trumpets.

Shadow of the Beast - Not my favorite version of the Shadow of the Beast title theme, but it's alright.

Shadow of the Beast 2 - This one's better.

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain - This one has a "dink-dounk" sound that plays through it, that somehow of reminds me of the ratcheting sound in Smithy's Factory from Super Mario RPG.

Smile if You Love Lemmings - This has always been one of my favorite songs in the game, and yes I will smile because I love lemmings.

Twang - I'm not the world's biggest fan of this song, but I still like it more than "Doggie in the Window".

Ufouria - Funnily enough, it's the Genesis version that gets a special level based on a Sunsoft game, and even weirder is that it's Ufouria (or Hebereke if you want to get picky, since it's the Japanese versions of the characters). Yes, the SNES version had a level with various Sunsoft games' names written on the walls, but it didn't actually use graphics or music from any of those games.

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Lemmings (PC Engine CD)

This version of Lemmings was only released in Japan, so I'm going with "PC Engine CD" instead of "TurboGrafx-CD." The Genesis versions of the songs lean towards synth rock, and the SNES songs are cartoony. The PC Engine versions is somewhere in between.

Awesome - My favorite version of the Awesome theme.

Cancan - Another good take on one of the game's more iconic songs.

Dance of the Four Little Swans - Not sure if it was intentional that the song sounds like it's being sung by ducks

Dance of the Reed Flutes - Is it sad that most of my familiarity with classical music comes from Lemmings games?

Forest Green - A bit low key compared to the Genesis version.

Keep Your Hair On Mr. Lemming - The way the horn is played makes it a bit goofy for my taste.

Lend a Helping Hand - Just as a heads up, the song descriptions for each version of Lemmings might be a bit phoned in as I try to find different ways to write "Another good version of this song."

London Bridge is Falling Down - Not helping my ability to write descriptions is the somewhat randomness of the song usage.

Menace - This version includes voice clips from the original Menace game.

Mind The Step - Yup, another good version of this song.

One Way or Another - Is that supposed to be a lemming singing along? I would have liked this more if they'd dropped whatever the hell that is.

Pachelbel's Canon - And even if it isn't really Pachelbel's Canon, it is a nice heartwarming little song.

Postcard from Lemmingland - This one ups the lax factor with some guitar strumming.

Rainbow Islands - This one's quieter and sounds a bit sadder than the other two versions.

Rondo Alla Turca - My favorite version of this song on this page. Love the bells.

Shadow of the Beast - I don't know how I should feel that this doesn't match the TurboGrafx-CD version of Shadow of the Beast's title screen.

Shadow of the Beast 2 - And there was no PC Engine/TurboGrafx version of Beast 2 for me to complain about.

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain - This one also sounds like it's being sung by a lemming, but it's not as obnoxious as the one from "One Way or Another".

Smile if You Love Lemmings - A light rendition of one of the game's sweeter songs.

Twang - What the hell, is somebody laying on their keyboard at various points in this song?

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Lemmings (SNES)

The SNES version used to be my favorite version of the soundtrack, but in the passing years my opinion of it has slipped a bit. I still like it, but I've found myself preferring the synth rock based Genesis soundtrack over the cartoonier SNES versions.

Awesome - In case you were wondering, Awesome seems to be a shooter with some trade and economic elements.

Cancan - If you're looking for a more comedic take on this, like you need it for a video or something, here you go.

Dance of the Four Little Swans - The echoey, metallic effect at the beginning is interesting, as if it's being placed inside a tube. But for some reason they cut off half the song.

Dance of the Reed Flutes - A bit slower than the other console versions.

Forest Green - The tempo's the same as the PC Engine version, but it's a little louder.

Intro - The SNES version has a unique and completely adorable opening movie, while the Genesis and PC Engine versions use the one from the Amiga. The SNES version also has a unique song for it.

Keep Your Hair On Mr. Lemming - Some parts are okay, some parts are a little grating.

Lend a Helping Hand - Fun fact: this plays in the very last level (Sunsoft Special 5) of the SNES version.

London Bridge is Falling Down - This version has more instrument variety than the other two, exchanging the keyboard for a cocounut sound in the second half.

Menace - Electric guitars for the win!

Mind The Step - Interesting, the other versions use a rapid keyboard sound for the harmony, this one some kind of wooden tapping.

One Way or Another - Huh, this one also has a sound that I can imagine as a singing lemming.

Pachelbel's Canon - Some of SNES songs are trying way too hard with the horns.

Postcard from Lemmingland - Um, I just realized this song glitched at :08 when I ripped it. I'll fix that, and it's not my strongest recommendation anyway.

Rainbow Islands - Not as emotional as the PC Engine version, and not as loud as the Genesis version.

Rondo Alla Turca - Although the SNES songs are usually cartoony, this song does have its dignity.

Shadow of the Beast - Odd, this one throws a plucking guitar into the harmony at the beginning.

Shadow of the Beast 2 - Does this version remind anyone else of the elephant graveyard from The Lion King?

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain - Yeeeahhh, I'm going to go ahead and call this the most annoying version of this song.

Smile if You Love Lemmings - I used to love how adorable this version sounded, but recently it's slipped in favor of the other two versions. It's still okay.

Twang - This more jazzy take on the song might be my favorite version of the song, although I'll have to listen to a corrected version of the Genesis version before I set that in stone.

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Lemmings (Win95)

These sound a lot like the songs on the PSX version, which you can find at Flying Omelette's music page.

Cancan - It's the Cancan, what more do you want?

Dance of the Four Little Swans - After the ducks in the PC Engine version and the metallic feel of the SNES, this is a return to tradition.

Dance of the Reed Flutes - This is missing the percussion from the other versions.

Keep Your Hair On Mr. Lemming - Another basically good original Lemmings song.

Lend a Helping Hand - Yup.

London Bridge is Falling Down - The ending sounds a bit like a music box.

Mind The Step - And the keyboard's back.

One Way or Another - This one's strangely frantic compared to the other songs in this version.

Pachelbel's Canon - Another basically good rendition of a classic song.

Postcard from Lemmingland - The trailing (or echoing, I don't know what the proper musical term is) on the melody beats makes this version a little loose for my taste.

Rainbow Islands - Why does this version sound like Pause screen music?

Rondo Alla Turca - I believe this song was originally written for the piano, and this sounds most like one, I guess.

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain - The most laid-back version I currently have up.

Smile if You Love Lemmings - Hard song to screw up.

Twang - You should know by now that I'm not the world's biggest fan of this song. The second part is okay, but the rest is a bit grating.

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3D Lemmings

Surprsingly, there is something nice I can say about 3D Lemmings: as much of an ugly, chaotic, unplayable clusterfuck as it is, the soundtrack's actually pretty decent.

Castle Lemalot - This plays in the castle themed levels. It's the only song from 3D Lemmings I had on this page in its old format, you should know I love it.

Drawbridge - This also plays in the castle themed levels, and is a bit more regal than Castle Lemalot.

Cyberspace - This is one of the songs that plays in the computer themed levels.

Ending - Truth is, I have no idea if this is the music used for the game's ending. I'm not masochistic enough to see this game through tot he end, but I didn't hear it in any of the levels I did suffer through and it sure sounds like an ending theme.

Fear - Why does Chrono Trigger come to my mind listening to this? And is it blasphemy to mention Chrono Trigger anywhere near 3D Lemmings?

Flower Fields - This is one of two songs that plays in the grass field themed levels.

Forest - This is the other, and is also my preferred of the two.

Hangover - As much as this and a later song sound like it, 3D Lemmings doesn't actually have Pirate themed levels. This plays in the jungle levels, which based on the title card depecting a lemming playing golf and the inculsion of a yacht in the levels, some lemmings are taking a vacation in.

Intro Movie - The opening cinema of the game is probably its highest point, depicting a bunch of lemmings breaking out of a computer and fleeing somebody's bedroom. It's all downhill from there.

Magic - This is oddly dreamy for this game.

March! - Gee, could you guess that this plays in the military themed levels?

Mission Lempossible - This plays in some of the Egyptian themed levels, but screw that, it sounds more like it should be playing in the opening of some cheesy spy show.

Oasis - This is also used in Egyptian themed levels, and actually sounds Egyptians.

Party - This plays in the candy themed levels, which have the most disturbing image I've ever seen in a Lemmings game for their title card, and yes, that includes the Menace level.

Puzzles - Some levels are just made up of blocks with the letter L on them, and look more like golf courses than anything.

Rock the 50s - This also plays in the candy themed levels, though it wouldn't be too out of place in diner clad in Elvis memorabilia.

Sadness - This sounds a lot like the Moe Bandy song "Staying Together Hurts More (Than Falling Apart)". Which summarizes my thoughts playing this game quite well.

Techno - Another song for the computer levels. I'm not sure what to make of that electronic sound at the beginning, but once the actual music kicks in it's pretty decent.

Tightrope - Another song that sounds like it'd be used in pirate-themed levels, this actually plays in the circus levels.

Title Screen - Depending on your tastes, this is either nonstop cuteness, or incredibly annoying. I think it's alright.

Tropics - This also plays in the jungles, and is a lot different from the previous one. This sounds more like the party where the lemmings got drunk in the first place.

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The Adventures of Lomax

After the debacle that was 3D Lemmings, amends were made with Adventures of Lomax, a gorgeous platformer with an equally gorgeous soundtrack. And just to let you know, I don't know what the official titles of the songs are, if they even have any, so I just came up with my own.

Bonus Level - For every 50 lemmings you uncurse, you get to run through a bonus level made of money collecting coins. Lots of jingles.

Continue - It isn't much of a song, just a "make your choice" ditty like the Jeopardy theme.

Cursed Nights - This is the first of the Horror level themes, and plays during the night levels with a haunted mansion in the background. And yes, the title I gave it is a Castlevania 2 reference.

Desert Boss - The game has four bosses, and three of them are against flying battleships that are beaten the same way, though they take more hits and have more attacks and ground obstacles as they progress. The desert battleship is the final and most complicated one.

Lemming Hoedown - Yee-haw, could totally have a barnyard dance to this one.

Desert Sunset - That call at the beginning of the song also plays in a Shinobi song, so it must be from somewhere else. This is the only song in the game with vocals.

Ed's World - Evil Ed resides in a twisted, alien world with planetoids and spectres flying around, and has a creepy, otherworldy song to go with it.

Festivities - On the disc this is the second of the Medieval tribe level songs, but in-game it's the third you'll hear. This is one of the bouncier, more playful songs on the disc.

Ghost Ship - A couple of the horror levels take place within some kind of ship graveyard with skeleton pirates roaming them. Although I do have to wonder what they're the skeletons of, because they're certainly not lemmings.

The Great Lemmingland Desert - A rolling western song as you trek through the rocky desert of Lemmingland.

Haunted Mornings - This is the second of the Horror level themes, and it usually plays in the daytime levels with a castle in the background. This might be my least favorite song in the game.

Horror Boss - Well, the bosses may be kind of samey, but at least they each have their own themes...

Medieval Boss - ... even if they are mostly just percussion to get you pumped for the fight.

The Medieval Tribe - A laid back song to start your adventure to.

On the Trail - This one has a real "racing through the trees" feel to it.

The Road to Evil Ed - This plays on the between-level screen showing your progress through the levels as well as your password.

Staff Roll - After beating Evil Ed, Lorock pops out of nowhere to congratulate you, and then the game dumps you to the credits, which plays over a demo of one of the desert levels. It's actually a pretty decent song, but it gets overshadowed by the incredibly lame ending you've just witnessed.

Thick Forest - Funny thing about this song, on the disc's tracking it comes between the two unused tracks below and even sounds a bit like them, but it plays in a single Medieval level.

Title Theme - First song in the game, and my vote for its best. A beautiful, classical theme with some contemporary percussion mixed in.

Unused Track 1 - This song can be heard if you pop the disc into a CD player, but it doesn't actually play anywhere in the game. Due to relieved feel of the song, and because the game barely has what you'd call an ending, I'm inclined to believe that this was meant to be used in the cut ending.

Unused Track 2 - Same as above, both for not being in the actual game and for sounding like something from a cut ending.

The Void - The second of the songs for Ed's levels. Ed's world only has three levels, one of which is just a short path with some insanely difficult jumps leading up to the fight with him.

Vs. Evil Ed - Evil Ed is only unique boss in the game, and his music is possibly the grossest misuse of a bitching final boss theme I've seen since Dark Fact in Ys Book 1.

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Lemmings Revolution

There's this one song in Lemmings Revolution that sounds like somebody strangling a duck? I'm not posting that one.

A Day at the Beach - A laid back, beach bumming song.

Bird Garden - This song is just weird. Give it a try, but I won't blame you if it's not your thing.

Grand Finale - This is used in levels, but it also plays in the ending movie on the disc.

Going Home - This is my favorite song in the game, but take that with a grain of salt since it's up against a bunch of weirdness.

Let's Go! - I can't quite put my finger on it, but to me this sounds like it's being sung by a frog, or a Hutt, or something that speaks in some deep vocal.

Party Animal - Think of it as this game's version of the Cancan.

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