If Mavericks Were Pokemon

The following is a silly shitpost based on a SigmaPosting of Sigma's face on Professor Oak:

Mega Man X1:
Launch Octopus - Water
Chill Penguin - Ice
Flame Mammoth - Fire
Boomer Kuwanger - Fighting/Bug
Sting Chameleon - Poison
Spark Mandrill - Electric/Fighting
Storm Eagle - Normal/Flying
Armored Armadillo - Ground

Mega Man X2:
Wire Sponge - Grass/Electric
Morph Moth - Bug/Steel
Flame Stag - Fire
Magna Centipede - Psychic/Bug
Overdrive Ostrich - Flying/Ground
Bubble Crab - Water
Wheel Gator - Steel/Dragon
Crystal Snail - Bug/Rock

Mega Man X3:
Blast Hornet - Flying/Bug
Blizzard Buffalo - Ice
Gravity Beetle - Steel/Bug
Toxic Seahorse - Poison/Water
Volt Catfish - Electric
Crush Crawfish - Fighting/Steel
Tunnel Rhino - Ground/Steel
Neon Tiger - Normal

Mega Man X4:
Web Spider - Electric/Bug
Cyber Peacock - Psychic/Ghost
Storm Owl - Normal/Flying
Magma Dragoon - Fire/Fighting
Jet Stingray - Water/Flying
Split Mushroom - Grass/Psychic
Slash Beast - Normal
Frost Walrus - Ice

Mega Man X5:
Crescent Grizzly - Steel/Ground
Volt Kraken - Electric
Shining Firefly - Bug/Fairy
Tidal Whale - Water/Ice
Spiral Pegasus - Normal/Flying
Spike Rosered - Grass
Dark Necrobat - Dark/Flying
Burn Dinorex - Fire/Dragon

Mega Man X6:
Commander Yammark - Bug/Flying
Rainy Turtloid - Water/Dragon
Shield Sheldon - Steel
Blizzard Wolfang - Ice
Blaze Heatnix - Fire/Flying
Infinity Mijinion - Ghost/Fairy
Metal Shark Player - Steel/Ghost
Ground Scaravich - Ground/Bug

Mega Man X7:
Soldier Stonekong - Fighting/Rock
Splash Warfly - Bug/Water
Tornado Tonion - Grass/Electric
Vanishing Gungaroo - Fighting/Fairy
Flame Hyenard - Fire/Ground
Ride Boarski - Fire/Steel
Snipe Anteator - Psychic/Ghost
Wing Crowrang - Normal/Flying
Mega Man X8:
Optic Sunflower - Grass/Fairy
Gravity Antonion - Bug/Steel
Dark Mantis - Dark/Bug
Gigavolt Manowar - Water/Electric
Burn Rooster - Fire/Flying
Avalanche Yeti - Ice
Earthrock Trilobite - Ground/Rock
Bamboo Pandamonium - Grass/Steel

- I put Morph Moth at Bug/Steel because him being fought in a scrapyard and emerging from a cocoon of garbage invokes Wormadam's trash form. Although Male Burmy always turn into Mothim, so maybe he'd be Bug/Flying?

- I am very torn between Magma Dragoon being Fire/Fighting and Fire/Dragon, but maybe he can hang out with Charizard and Gyarados in the Got Shafted Out of Dragon Typing Club.

- I put Metal Shark Player as part Ghost because of how he manipulates dead mavericks in battle.

- Yes, I gave Flame Hyenard that secondary typing for a reason. A stupid reason, but still a reason.

Deltarune's Shadow Mantle Speculation

Here's a Deltarune Chapter 3 prediction that I want on record if I call it:

When you give Seam both Shadow Crystals from Jevil and Spamton NEO, they say the next boss is going to be unbeatable without a relic known as the Shadow Mantle. People seem to think this means the next boss is going to be so powerful that only the Shadow Mantle has the power to give us a chance against them (or at least the YouTube comment I saw talking about how much ass Kris is going to kick once they get the Shadow Mantle does).

I think it means Chapter 3's secret boss is going to use the Papyrus mechanics. A mantle is a kind of cape or shroud, and Papyrus used those blue attacks where you had to hold still while they passed over you. So it sounds less like a raw power thing, and more that we need the Shadow Mantle to shroud ourselves from their otherwise unavoidable attacks.

In addition, Seam says the Shadow Mantle look like "an old scrap of cloth." Suggesting the Shadow Mantle looks like a battered old cape. What does Papyrus wear again?

And While We're At It...

I can't be the only one who's noticed the laughing at :50 in "NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A" sounds exactly like Sans' speech sound effect, can I?

The Crimson Knight Rabbit Hole

At :44 in the boss theme of Xenogears the music quiets down and a voice starts muttering something. After hearing somebody joke that it was "total sex in front of the gas chamber" I couldn't hear it as anything else.

The voice is actually saying "total sentence imposed is ten." The juiciest part is how people figured it out: a freaking Command and Conquer game has a song with the full "total sentence imposed is ten years in the state prison" (first instance is at 1:15).

So what the heck is that? How did two completely different games wind up with the same clip? It's from when Marlon Brando's son was found guilty of manslaughter and that clip is the judge reading his sentence. Have a nice day!

And I know nobody gives a shit, but I can still make myself hear "total sex in front of the gas chamber", and even switch what the voice is saying as it repeats.

The Tale of Mimiron's Head

Before Shadowlands killed my interest in World of Warcraft, my main draw to it was mount farming (before the grind for the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur killed my interest in that, too). WoW mounts can be obtained from a variety of sources - achievement rewards, boss drops, buying them from merchants, and so on. One of the most sought after among players is Mimiron's Head, which can be obtained from Wrath of the Lich King's Ulduar raid. It has a 1-in-100 chance to drop from Yogg-Saron, but only if you beat him without asking any of the four Titan Keepers to aid you in the fight. A trivial requirement these days, but from what I hear even with Icecrown Citadel gear it was a beast until Cataclysm came out (though the mount was also a guaranteed drop until then).

It's also one of the stupidest looking mounts in the game.

Why would anyone want to ride a giant, dumpy gnome head in a game where you can ride dragons, firey birds, dinosaurs, and gaudy gemstone panthers? Another highly coveted Wrath mount is Invincible, Arthas' zombie horse, and I can actually understand people wanting to ride the goddamn Lich King's steed. I wasn't too keen on farming Invincible myself, so of course the Lich King gave it to me the first time I killed him on my Death Knight, when I was just popping into Icecrown to see how to sneak by that green dragon on a character that can't heal it. Invincible has since grown on me, and was my go-to compact flying mount for my DK.

Mimiron's Head, though? I only bothered farming this piece of shit because I was running old raids for gold for the longboi, and once I got it I flew around on it once then left it to rot in my mount journal. I guess there's some novelty to Mimiron's Head because until the Mecha Mogul (a giant mechanical goblin head) was released in Battle for Azeroth, it was the only aerial command unit mount.

Another mark against Mimiron's Head? Almost all mounts in World of Warcraft have a special animation that plays when you jump while standing still or type "/mountspecial" (flying mounts require you to type "/mountspecial" in fly zones, otherwise they'll just take flight). Horses rear up, dragons unfurl their wings and roar, most birds beat their wings and shriek while a few do a loop-de-loop, tricera- sorry, direhorns bash their tails on the ground, the big wheel mounts do a cool spin, the Mecha Mogul mk2 drops a minigun and fires it, and Mimiron's Head... does nothing. The only other mount I can think of at the moment that lacks a special animation is the blimp from the Darkmoon Faire.

So if it's ugly and lacks a feature of nearly every other mount in the game, why do people lose their shit over this thing? Because it's a 1% drop from one of the most beloved raids from WoW's most popular expansion. So:

1) It's rare.

2) It tickles their nostalgia.

Henceforth, I propose calling garbage that people only care about because of scarcity and nostalgia "Mimiron's Heads."

I think the only pre-Antorus drop mount I'm missing is the Iron Juggernaut from Siege of Orgrimmar, but Shadowlands nerfing legacy raid loot prices means it's going to be a cold day in Hell before I step into that place again.