Courtesy of The Terrible Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator.

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining The Magic School Bus and Flapjack. The story should use a secret government plot as a plot device!

It's field trip day, but Ms. Frizzle is out sick. But never fear, she got a substitute! Her sub, Captain K'nuckles, says he's going to take the class to Candied Island, which is actually the name of Captain K'nuckles' child sex slave market. But the Magic School Bus drives them to the police, and Ms. Frizzle reveals the whole thing was a sex offender sting operation by the government. After the Captain is hauled away, she buys the class ice cream cones and takes them to the movies.

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Gordon Ramsay and Ninja Turtles. The story should use a character dying two days before they were going to retire as a plot device!

Shredder threatens the Ninja Turtles with "Tonight I dine on turtle soup!", which prompts Gordon Ramsay to bust into the Technodrome and swear the cooking instructions at Shredder. In a moment of shock, Shredder obliges and sets up the broth and vegetables, but when his Foot Soldiers fail to bring back the key ingredient, he finally realizes he's freaking Shredder, doesn't take crap from nobody, and tosses Ramsay into the pot...

... two days before he was going to retire!

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Freakazoid and Dead Rising. The story should use marriage as a plot device!

Freakazoid and Cosgrove join Steph at the mall to buy her dad a Christmas present. There they run into the Lobe shopping for a hat, and Freakazoid finds they've installed a neato-torpedo virtual reality game. While he and Cosgrove play, the Lobe zaps them into the game.

But then an old lady looking for her poodle lets a horde of zombies into the mall, where they run amok and eat Lobe, because he's a giant brain. While Steph struggles to get Freak and Cosgrove out of the game, Frank West runs down the zombies with a lawnmower. Eventually West crashes into the console with a pickup, which teleports Freakazoid and Cosgrove out of the game. Freakazoid cures the zombies by zapping them into the Internet the way he cured that werewolf, and they all hitch a helicopter ride to go see Babeheart.

But then Frank and Steph get married, sending Freakazoid into an alcohol-fueled depression.

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Starsky and Hutch and Bubble Bobble. The story should use Halloween as a plot device!

Starsky and Hutch go Trick-Or-Treating dressed up as Bub and Bob. Bub and Bob go Trick-Or-Treating dressed up as Starsky and Hutch. The four bump into each other, hop into a Torino, and spit all over everything, I guess?

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Hardy Boys and Salute Your Shorts. The story should use a plane crash as a plot device!

The Hardy Boys set out to answer the question of "Whatever happened to Salute Your Shorts? And Legends of the Hidden Temple for that matter?" But during the search their plane goes down and they get lost in the jungle. After days of battling hunger and bears, they find a small colony made by of the members of Camp Anawanna, who were also lost in a plane crash and now worship the Silver Monkey.

Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining the Muppet Show and Army of Darkness. The story should use someone opening a gate to Hell as a plot device!

When Ash cuts his infected hand off, instead of a chainsaw he replaces it with Kermit the Frog. Then when Ash removes the Necronomicon incorrectly and the forces of Hell show up at the castle, Kermit subdues them by singing The Rainbow Connection.