What was Skitty Posting?

A gimmick Twitter account I ran primarily from January 2022 to April 2022 with two updates made in May and July, where every day I'd post a Skitty dressed up as a random video game character. Originally I wasn't sure if it was that, or a game character turned into a Skitty, but eventually I figured, yeah, they're Skitty in cosplay.

Where did the idea come from?

Funnily enough, it has its origins in that Spamton comic I put out a while back. I was trying to teach myself digital coloring, but I needed something to actually color in for practice. So I whipped up a sheet of hastily drawn Skitties - because of course it was Skitty - then started coloring in each one with different colors, brushes, and styles. Then I got the idea to give one the palette of CK, the site mascot. Shortly after that one I said to myself "You know what would be funny? If I drew Axl's helmet on this one." Then things kinda spiraled out of control from there.

Looking back, I think Auron turned out best, though Sigma, Spamton, and Luigi aren't too bad. I was still trying to figure things out with Axl so he's really messed up, and Hades and Balthier are muddy and yes, I realized after I was done that I forgot Balthier's earrings.

But that was the catalyst for starting my own knockoff of SigmaPosting, a Twitter account that posts Sigma's head edited onto random video game characters. Collected here is the archive of daily Skitties, followed by the five big specials I put out in intervals (the specials are fairly large, but if you want to see them full size you can Right-Click -> Open in New Tab). And yes I'm aware of a recurring flaw where things on the head like hair and hats are drawn level when the Skitty's head is tilted, I'm a mediocre artist at best.

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Based On: Balthier
From: Final Fantasy XII

Skiff Anditty

Based On: Jeff Andonuts
From: Earthbound

Donkitty Kong

Based On: Donkey Kong
From: Donkey Kong Country series


Based On: Metaknight
From: Kirby series

Dr. Robotnikitty

Based On: Dr. Robotnik
From: Sonic series


Based On: Bowser
From: Mario series

Samuskitty Nyaran

Based On: Samus Aran
From: Metroid series


Based On: Bowser
From: Final Fantasy VI


Based On: Alucard
From: Castlevania series


Based On: Thrall
From: Warcraft series


Based On: Magus
From: Chrono Trigger

MASK de Skitty

Based On: MASK de Smith
From: Killer7

The Doomskitty

Based On: The Doomslayer
From: DOOM series

Captain Falkitty

Based On: Captain Falcon
From: F-Zero series


Based On: Blazer
From: Soul Blazer

Pious Auguskitty

Based On: Pious Augustus
From: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Skittybrush Threepwood

Based On: Guybrush Threepwood
From: Monkey Island series


Based On: Nier
From: NIER


Based On: Kharon
From: Hades

Skitan Uzukitty

Based On: Citan Uzuki
From: Xenogears

King S. Kitty

Based On: King K. Rool
From: Donkey Kong Country


Based On: Hotsuma
From: Shinobi (PS2)


Based On: Geno
From: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Hat Skit

Based On: Hat Kid
From: A Hat in Time

Adol Skristin

Based On: Adol Cristin
From: Ys Series


Based On: Asgore
From: Undertale

Dukitty Nukitty

Based On: Duke Nukem
From: Duke Nukem series

Pajama Samitty

Based On: Pajama Sam
From: Pajama Sam series

Ashkitty Riot

Based On: Ashley Riot
From: Vagrant Story


Based On: Gate (Standard and Combat forms)
From: Mega Man X6


Based On: Paws
From: Cthulhu Saves the World


Based On: Amaterasu
From: Okami

Solid Skitty

Based On: Solid Snake
From: Metal Gear series


Based On: Ankha
From: Animal Crossing series


Based On: Blanka
From: Street Fighter series


Based On: Banjo and Kazooie
From: Banjo-Kazooie


Based On: Ico
From: Ico

Skitarma Rovitty

Based On: Tarma Roving
From: Metal Slug series

The Mana Skitty

Based On: The Mana Beast
From: Secret of Mana

Strider Skiryu

Based On: Strider Hiryu
From: Strider series

Meowny Skitavera

Based On: Manny Calavera
From: Grim Fandango

Aphroditty (Valentine's Day Special)

Based On: Aphrodite
From: Hades

Judge Gabritty

Based On: Judge Gabranth
From: Final Fantasy XII

Skima Cruzitty

Based On: Soma Cruz
From: Castlevania series


Based On: Lavitz
From: The Legend of Dragoon

King Dittydittyditty

Based On: King Dedede
From: Kirby series


Based On: Lashiec
From: Phantasy Star I and IV

The Blue Dragitty

Based On: The Blue Dragon
From: Panzer Dragoon series


Based On: Isaac
From: Golden Sun


Based On: Razputin
From: Psychonauts


Based On: Sissel
From: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Skina Nyara Skina

Based On: Shina Nera Shina
From: Silhouette Mirage

The Skit

Based On: The Kid
From: Bastion


Based On: Lancer
From: Deltarune

Catmander Skeen

Based On: Commander Keen
From: Commander Keen series


Based On: Pit
From: Kid Icarus series


Based On: Protoman
From: Mega Man series


Based On: Ness
From: Earthbound


Based On: Sora
From: Kingdom Hearts series

Skol Badkitty

Based On: Sol Badguy
From: Guilty Gear series


Based On: Raiden
From: Mortal Kombat series


Based On: Kratos
From: God of War series

Leon Skittidy

Based On: Leon Kennedy
From: Resident Evil series


Based On: Lomax
From: The Adventures of Lomax

Skimon Belmitty

Based On: Simon Belmont
From: Castlevania series

Captain Skirup (Mar10 Special)

Based On: Captain Syrup
From: Wario Land series


Based On: May
From: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire


Based On: Deathwing
From: Warcraft series


Based On: Link
From: The Legend of Zelda series

Skitali'zorah nar Pokeball

Based On: Tali'zorah nar Rayya
From: Mass Effect series

Skonic the Hedgekitty

Based On: Sonic the Hedgehog
From: Sonic series


Based On: Cecil
From: Final Fantasy IV

Nyaran Skryan (St. Patrick's Day Special)

Based On: Aran Ryan
From: Punch-Out!! (Wii)

Nagato Komaitty

Based On: Nagito Komaeda
From: Danganronpa series


Based On: Slash
From: Waku Waku 7


Based On: Greco
From: Chrono Cross

Skovel Knightty

Based On: Shovel Knight
From: Shovel Knight

Sir Gritty

Based On: Sir Graham
From: King's Quest series


Based On: Lucca
From: Chrono Trigger


Based On: Booster
From: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Mewtiful Jitty

Based On: Viewtiful Joe
From: Viewtiful Joe

Sox McKitty

Based On: Fox McCloud
From: Star Fox series


Based On: Ark
From: Terranigma


Based On: Childe
From: Genshin Impact


Based On: Otus
From: Owlboy

Dixitty Kong

Based On: Dixie Kong
From: Donkey Kong Country series

The Teskimancer

Based On: The Teslamancer
From: Teslagrad

Wailitty (April Fool's Special)

Based On: Wailord
From: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Baskitty fon Route 116

Based On: Basch fon Ronsenburg
From: Final Fantasy XII

Cut Skit

Based On: Cut Man
From: Mega Man

Professor Herskel Littyton

Based On: Professor Herschel Layton
From: Professor Layton series


Based On: Sub-Zero
From: Mortal Kombat series

Nightskade (Box Art and In-Game Palettes)

Based On: Nightshade
From: Nightshade (NES)

Masker Chitty

Based On: Master Chief
From: Halo series


Based On: Undyne
From: Undertale

Billy Hatsker (Easter Special)

Based On: Billy Hatcher
From: Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

The Dark Sking

Based On: The Dark King
From: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Riskter Belmitty

Based On: Richter Belmont
From: Castlevania series


Based On: 9-Volt
From: Wario Ware series

Skedgar Figato

Based On: Edgar Figaro
From: Final Fantasy VI


Based On: Goemon
From: Goemon series


Based On: Red
From: Mega Man X7


Based On: Rolf
From: Phantasy Star II


Based On: Lance
From: Pokemon Red and Blue/Gold and Silver

Skordon Fritty

Based On: Gordon Freeman
From: Half-Life series


Based On: Maximo
From: Maximo: Ghosts to Glory and Maximo: Army of Zin

The Liar Prinskitt

Based On: The Liar Princess
From: The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

Spamitty and Spamitty MEOW

Based On: Spamton and Spamton NEO
From: Deltarune


Based On: Sigma
From: Mega Man X series

The Lost Vikitties, Skeric the Sweet, Baelitty the SO FIERCE, and Skolaf the Cute

Based On: The Lost Vikings, Eeric the Swift, Baelog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout
From: The Lost Vikings


Based On: Toriel
From: Undertale

Zagritty and Skades

Based On: Sagreus and Hades
From: Hades

So, what happened to the account?

It got slammed from several directions. First and foremost, it just seems like everyone got bored of it. The main reason I started the account was to teach myself Photoshop and digital coloring, and after a hundred Skitties I felt like I'd hit a plateau on what I could learn from modifying and coloring a template Skitty. I was also trying to work on The Greatest Deal of All, would be getting into a good stride with it, realize "Fuck, my Skitty buffer is getting low," then have to divert three days to building it back up, resetting my momentum on the project I was more interested in.

Also, while Sigma goes with everything, many characters do not translate well into a Skitty (how would a Kirby Skitty work? It'd just be a solid pink Skitty, right?), and attempting a character that I had to throw out because it just didn't work always made me want to pack everything up and go into farming or something. It was also disheartening to see the Skitties I was more proud of do worse than the ones I felt like I phoned in. I had a fondness for the slightly creepy ones like Deathwitty and Pious Auguskitty (even if the latter was, as one of my earlier works, not very good), and they'd get fifteen likes at most. Although several I was pleased with did gain traction, like Protoskitty, Skol Badkitty, and Skovel Knightty.

I finally had to take a week off after Baschkitty, and that short break killed the account. Engagement tanked after that, but maybe it was a case of bad timing as I just so happened to take that break right before the Elon Musk kerfuffle broke out.

Finally, the Liar Prinskitt broke me. I thought it was cute and I had fun drawing it, but I don't think it got a single Like until SigmaPosting retweeted it, and if it did it was only 1 or 2. That sent me in a spiral of doubt and artistic frustration: was it bad? Does nobody care anymore? Why am I even doing this?

I took a step back and said to myself "Holy shit, this is not healthy."

While we're on the subject of Spamton, I'd like to share an anecdote with you. There was a Twitter artist who, in the early days of Chapter 2, made the sweetest, most adorable art of him. I checked back on them in March and they were still drawing him... suffering horrific injuries. It gave off the impression this artist had grown to resent him, like they wanted to do something else but got typecast and felt like to keep drawing him to stay on top of both their new audience and the Twitter algorithm, and was taking out their frustrations on him. I could totally be wrong and the artist was just going through a phase, but I still took that image of Spamton with a bloody compound fracture jutting out of his leg as a warning of how trying to please social media with your artwork can poison your passion, not just for your craft but your subject matter.

Then I started a new job at the beginning of May, which took a bite out of my free time. And since a lot of the free time I did have was going into the Spamton comic, that was the final nail in the coffin for the account even before that pesky "humid summer with no air conditioning" problem kicked in. I finished the Toriel and Zagrues/Hades ones afterward, then felt it was time to quietly retire the project. There are three or four more large specials I still want to do and maybe I'll get around to them and post them here.