Blazing Saddles (R)

Hahaha, oh, WOW, you could never make this movie these days.

You know Blazing Saddles, the story of a corrupt businessman and politician trying to run a town of racists off their property so they can seize the land for a railroad by sending them a black sheriff. But just as Sheriff Bart starts to gain the acceptance of the town, the story grinds to a halt as the jokes take over the movie. Yeah, it's a comedy and all, but Spaceballs and Men in Tights managed to keep the story going alongside the humor. Or maybe the story getting lost in the jokes was intentional, because the ending descends into the most chaotic "What the fuck am I watching??" I've seen in a while.

And maybe I'm just thick, but I swear the Lili von Shtupp side story went nowhere and was only a thing because "temptress who's brought on to manipulate and backstab the hero but falls in love with him instead" is a Mel Brooks trope (see also Silent Movie)