Skyfire: The Summer King Chronicles II (Jess E. Owen)

This is looking like a series that doesn't really come together until all four books have been read. Skyfire switches between two stories, the first with Shard traveling to the Aesir griffins' homeland to learn why Per and the other Aesir fled to the Silver Isles, and the second back on the Silver Isles as Sverin becomes increasingly more paranoid and tyrannical against the Vanir griffins, until they both pull stunts that cost them everything and leave both stories on cliffhangers. For Shard's quest, he's mainly working to build trust with the foreign Aesir while scraping together whatever clues he can in secrecy, and you start to think you're getting the picture of what happened until the very end when a new character gives an exposition dump that completely unravels the threads you've been putting together up to that point. A lot happens, but it doesn't feel like anything was accomplished.