Papetura (PC)

The best way to sum up Papterua is "What if Armikrog wasn't total dogwater."

Instead of a clay man and his dog we have a paper scroll kid and baby cat ghost thing trying to stop a monster from burning down the world. At least I think, because half the game is spent trying to get out of a giant pig-whale. It has a few snags like how many puzzles practically require the hint system to figure out what the hell the game wants from you, at least one action set piece with one-hit-kill tentacles that's super awkward with the point and click interface, and that shitty fishing minigame, but overall it's a decent point and clicker with a lovely papercraft aesthetic.

If this sounds interesting, wait for it to go on sale. It's only an hour to hour-and-a-half long and I can't recommend paying the full $12 for that.

By the way, the next few months of quickies will be rather sparse because was doing a shitload of drawing (as mentioned here) and everything else got a bit neglected.