Donut County (PC)

It's Katamari Damacy with a hole; you move the hole around a level, swallowing stuff to make it bigger so you can swallow larger stuff. There's a few puzzles, like if you swallow a fire and some corn cobs it explodes into popcorn, and later in the game you gain the ability to launch certain items back out of the hole. And there's a final boss fight where he tries to fill your hole with concrete. But when the game was over mere hours after I started, I just shrugged my shoulders and moved on.

I guess it at least has a story? In which a garbage-loving raccoon learns that destroying peoples' lives for his own gain is kind of a dick move?


Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (PG)

I hadn't this since I was a child and didn't remember much before the ending (because what kid is going to forget that ending? Except maybe the ones trying to repress the trauma). I already knew it was Judge Doom behind everything (and if that's a spoiler to you, welcome to 2019, time traveler of 1988. Would you like me to tell you who Luke Skywalker's father is, too?), but along the way I picked up on the clues the movie laid out so you could potentially figure it out well before the big reveal, not because it's predictable but because you put the pieces together; it doesn't come out of nowhere, it doesn't smugly wave its ass in your face because you never saw that twist coming, and it sure as fuck doesn't lay out all these hints only to pull the rug out from under you and reveal the murderer to be somebody else.

There's a scene where Roger pulls back a dusty chair, and I'm not sure if it's a testament to just how much attention was given to the movie or my being a total weirdo, but him leaving prints in the dust blew my mind.

Can you tell I'm having trouble with this quickie? It's Who Framed Roger Rabbit, do you really need me to tell you about it?

By the way, there's a bit where Eddie tells Roger that a certain barfly would rat him out "for a nickel." Did that inspire the "He'd slit his mama's throat for a nickel" line from Final Fantasy 6?