Pier Solar and the Great Architects (Genesis)

You can read my full review for details. Then maybe you can check out my quickie for Phantasy Star III to see how the two compare.

Now, when you see what I'm scoring this game, no doubt you're going to think I'm just trolling. And truth be told, even I'm wondering if I should give it a half Skitty since Pier Solar is, you know, playable. Still, it's bad enough with the repetitive battles, incompetent story so cliche that if it made a sound it would be that of a metal plate being pressed*, humor that would make Seth MacFarlane roll his eyes, and pointless minigames. But then there's all the arrogance and hypocrisy, which adds a layer of slime that propels it from incredibly lame to deeply insulting.

* For those who don't know what that means, here's your reading lesson for the night.


RiffTrax: The Crater Lake Monster (DVD)

Crater Lake Monster is a dumb monster movie full of bad science, laughable special effects, and nonexistent logic that would have been right at home on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Nothing made me as giddy as the Metal Man line in Half-Blood Prince, but I did like thinking a character looked like Ned Flanders and then hearing "Okily-dokily, Monster-ino!"

Guess this wasn't much of a month, was it?