Gargoyle's Quest (Game Boy)
Solid and challenging enough, although a bit short. At first I was a bit shocked at how short the game was (or maybe just what a pansy the final boss was), but then I was reminded this was one of the first Game Boy games.
Rating: Good

Panzer Dragoon Saga (Saturn)
While very easy (I didn't get one Game Over in my playthrough, although a couple bosses brought me within 100 HP of one), the combat system is interesting and neat to toy around with, and the atmosphere and aesthetics were more than enough to make me ignore the way the walls curl around when they got too close to the screen. But sometimes the game is simply dull, like when you're in the tower for the first time and go through it by basically flying through a bunch of linear corridors and occasionally getting into a set fight. I also thought it was a bit lame that half the songs are different ways of playing Sona Mi Areru Ec Sancitu. But it never got to the point of irritation and hey, if you're looking for a $150 game to add to your collection, I'm sure you can do a helluva lot worse.
Rating: Decent

Neutopia 2 (TG-16)
There are some areas that were improved upon from the first game, namely dungeons are overall better designed. But there are other areas that could make the Dali Lama curse, namely that blob boss. The biggest irritation I had was the tendency for the magic wands to somehow recoil the enemy into me, I problem I never remembered having in the first game. I have no idea why the compass is even in the game. It no longer tells you where dungeons are, although the the overworld is so linear you don't need it for that. Instead, it points to treasures and staircases, which you'll find just by exploring the dungeons anyway. Any improvements over the first game are offset by all the breakage.
Rating: Eh

Rez (PS2 / E)
I pity the fools who payed $100 for this before the PS2 reprint.
Rating: Garbage

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations (DS / T)
Some moments are genuinely good and rewarding, but other parts are tedious and boring. The second and third cases are easily the best, while the first case is irritating, the fourth is just depressing, and the fifth is long and boring with so much dialogue I started thinking Hideo Kojima was involved with it somehow. By the time I got to the second trial of the fifth case, I was doing one testimony a day and was half tempted to just download an FAQ and follow it. I didn't, and was eventually able to sit down and finish the game, and what I got was a ride on the WTF Express. But damn, when I finally got through it I was treated to one of the most rewarding endings I've ever seen, and I just couldn't find it in myself to stay angry with this game.
Rating: Decent

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (SNES)
I liked this, but it was mostly for the kickass soundtrack and little graphical touches like the enemy sprites changing when you do enough damage to them. The combat is mostly a Dragon Warrior clone, which actually doesn't really turn me off unless I'm getting into battles every five seconds like I was in Albert Odyssey and Lufia. But there are several moments of spice thrown in, like enemies that'll afflict you with a status ailment if you attack with a melee weapon. I won't blame anyone if they didn't like it, although I really can't see how it's worth hating.
Rating: Decent