When picking the background music, I wanted a Weird Al song with a fast tempo and good beat and wasn't "White 'n Nerdy" because everyone uses that. I originally chose "I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead" to illustrate that this is my hobby and I'll give it up when I'm dead. But as I worked with the video, I found the song worked more to the effect of the final boss being the climax of the game, and either they're going to bite the big one or make you turn off your console in frustration when they Game Over your ass. Hence, "Or When One of Us Is, Anyway". I suppose the song could also be from the boss' point of view.

The Codiekitty cartoons illustrate some problems I ran into while getting clips. I originally wanted to end the video with the Plutonium Boss blowing up and cutting from the song to his death growl, but WinTV screwed up and didn't record his death, which is is what the cartoon of CK chewing him out refers to (fortunately I had the hindsight to record Hitler's exploding head when I went through Bionic Commando earlier, which might have been a better finale anyway). I couldn't get past the first Wily fortress in Mega Man 2. I went through all my PSX memory cards, and could not find my Symphony of the Night save. And being my #3 favorite game and all I wanted to get Lemmings in there somehow.

And if you're wondering why the Plutonium Boss is gold and has a green cape, he looked terrible when colored fleshy-pink like his sprite, and he had a cape in a piece of artwork from my Meta Fight guide I was referencing along with his sprite while drawing him, liked it, and slapped it on him.

I tried to put meaning behind where I placed the clips instead of throwing them in randomly. Up to Lost Vikings the games are in my favorite order (minus Lemmings, which was disqualified for not having a final boss as stated at the end of the video), starting with Plok the order gets more jumbled. For example, no, I don't like Plants vs. Zombies more than Shinobi, but it went so well with the "I hate anything organic, even health food makes me sick" line. However, some of the clips are just there because I had clips that didn't go anywhere else, usually the ones over plain music or the "I'll be mellow when I'm dead"s.

I'd also like to note that while I do like all the games included in this video, I don't necessarily think the final boss is great. The best example of this is Queen Slug-For-A-Butt from Earthworm Jim, who's one of the lamest final bosses in history, certainly among bosses that actually do something.

I chose the videos by wagering ease of getting the videos (if I had all the time in the world I wouldn't have factored this in, but this was actually done for a school assignment, so time was of the essence), personal passion for the game, and what was interesting to watch, and also tried to mix up well known games with obscure ones. Also, while there's a number of bosses I would have liked to have gotten in here if not for time and space limitations (and in some cases completely forgetting about them, sorry Mana Beast), I would like to make an honorable mention specifically to von Karma from Phoenix Wright, who I totally would have put in here instead of, say, KARN if only I had some way to get video from the DS, and probably should have made a cat image for.

And finally, if you're wondering what all the games are, here's the complete list, with games in parentheses being referenced in the CK cartoons:

Blaster Master
Bionic Commando
Final Fantasy 6
Vagrant Story
Contra: Hard Corps
Lost Vikings
Sweet Home
Ys Books I & II
Earthworm Jim
(Blaster Master again)
Yoshi's Island
Plants vs. Zombies
Resident Evil 4
Mega Man X2
Link to the Past
Elemental Gimmick Gear
Chrono Trigger
Soul Blazer
Super Mario 64
(Mega Man 2)
CIMA: The Enemy
Donkey Kong Country II
Circle of the Moon
Shadow of the Beast III
Final Fantasy 4
Ocarina of Time
Wario Land 3
Kirby's Super Star
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Fable: The Lost Chapters
Sam and Max Season One
Eternal Darkness
Adventures of Lomax
Mega Man Battle Network
(Symphony of the Night)
Star Tropics
Wild 9
Bionic Commando again