Sega Master System Game Covers

The Alex Kidd Series

I called Alex Kidd and the Enchanted Castle the worst game cover of At the time I wasn't aware of the rest of the games, and now I think I'd like to lump the entire Alex Kidd series into that spot.

Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord

The Dark Lord could just whip out her ultimate dark magic, but I guess chucking rocks will do. Oh, and say "Hi" to He-Man down there in the bottom right. C'mon, he's taking time out from fighting the Ultimate Evil to wave to us, the least we can do is greet him back.

My Hero

The Sega Card games all featured a hand holding the actual game, which was ridiculous enough. "My Hero" is one of the worst video game names ever, up there with "Beyond the Beyond", and the cover depicts a random fist punching a circus strongman with a mohawk.

Phantasy Star

While Alis fights to block the beam "Star" is shooting at her, her enemies take the opportunity to attack her from the back. Fortunately, she has her friends to the rescue, including Noah (or Lutz if you want) who feels the need to jump over the lava river instead of, you know, shooting the bat with magic from where he's at, a very politically incorrect Odin who's about to smash that skeleton over the wizard's head before he does the nefarious crime of smacking her with his magic wand, and a sabertoothed rabbit.

Pro Wrestling

This one's pretty famous, along with Black Belt which depicts a floating, disembodied leg kicking air, and I would have included it except I only own the cartridge. What the hell? Feel free to come up with your own explanation, folks. Mine is that nobody took this mutant seriously, wondering how functional a hand coming out of his rib cage could be, so the poor sap pulled his own head off to give himself a choker. Given the possiblities of the Sega Master System Cover Universe, maybe the punk on My Hero is punching himself.

Teddy Boy

That's either a really badly drawn beetle, or a grenade with eyes, or maybe a really badly drawn beetle that explodes.

Time Soldiers

People on the covers of SMS games had problems facing the enemies.


Fair is fair, I guess. Optimus Prime ended up desecrated on the cover of Veigues Tactical Gladiator over on the TurboGrafx, so now Soundwave has to be confused with the Statue of Liberty.

Wonder Boy

Goodnight, folks!

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