The Ten Worst Video Game Cover Arts of

#10 - Red Dead Revolver

Okay, I admit; this one's cover art isn't so much "bad" as just "unintentionally hilarious". I mean, who wouldn't raise an eyebrow to a closeup of a cowboy who looks like he's passing a kidney stone? It's also pretty damn cool compared to some of the stuff I'm about to show.

Not just the sun, but the whole friggin' galaxy is in your hand.
#9 - Elemental Master

Despite this cheesy cover art, Element Master is actually a fun little shooter with a wizard instead of a space ship. But as bad as the wizard on the cover looks, the one in the actual game managed to be even dorkier looking. And I have no idea what that thing looming over him is supposed to be; there's nothing even remotely resembling that in the game.

It's worse than any Eternal Darkness insanity effect, that's for sure...
#8 - Resident Evil

Kazuo: Um, wow. This makes the Sweet Home box art look good.
Akiko: You realize the cover art was just a mirror image of the movie poster, right?
Kazuo: Oh, I know that. I still think it's pretty dumb.
Taro: Who's the person with the glasses supposed to be, anyway?
Emi: I don't know, but you I do know you looked like an old man in that movie.
Taro: ...

#7 - The Adventures of Lomax

As if the cover art wasn't bad enough, did we really need to have that ugly mug plastered onto the back of the manual, as well as the photo behind the disc slot? And who is that lemming between Lomax and the Zombie?

Poor kitty...
#6 - Cosmic Fantasy 2

To be honest, I don't think this one is as bad as a lot of people say it is. But it's still only about as good as the game's actual name. I mean, what is up with that cat?

Yeah, you little freaks BETTER jump off a cliff.
#5 - Lemmings (NES, SNES, Genesis)

Frightening. Just frightening. If this was what the official lemming design was, I don't think I'd have taken as nicely to them as I have. They're fat, they're awkwardly shaped, they're ugly, and they're JUST FRIGGIN SCARY. What's worse, they're even creepier in the little pictures in the manual.

Crime fighting dude in an ugly costume.
#4 - Mega Man

What bad cover art list would be complete without the inclusion of this eyesore? There's already been so many jokes about this, there's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said.

What's that smell?
#3 - Castlevania Bloodlines

...I'm sorry, I can't think of any witty remarks for this one aside from what I put in the Alt Tag...

Best shaved man ever.
#2 -Arc the Lad: Generation (Japanese)

"Arc the Lad: Sport Bass Fishing Edition" - Flying Omelette user, Ultimate Chicken I think?

...hey, somebody had to preserve it.

Somehow, I'm expecting him to do the Goofy laugh, and make some stupid joke.
#1 - Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

As of writing this, I don't own this game. And this cover art isn't exactly putting it at the top of my wish list. In fact, something tells me I just scared off some potential buyers with this.

Y'know, I just realized how many of these covers are from Genesis games. Did nobody at Sega have any artistic talent or what?

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