Another parallel universe Superman the Psycho-Pirate resurrects is Ultraman, not to be confused with the Japanese tokusatsu character of the same name. He, like Overman, is an evil Superman from another universe but while Morrison created Overman for this comic Ultraman existed prior to it along with evil Green Lantern Power Ring next to him. And if you're wondering, the guy with the owl on his head shown with Ultraman and Power Ring when the Psycho-Pirate is rallying the crowd is not Nite Owl, he's Owlman, the evil Batman of the same universe.

Ultraman becomes aware of a strange "wall" and starts pushing on it, eventually shattering it and creating a rift into the space between their world and ours i.e. the white space around the comic panels.

Yes, he literally broke the fourth wall. He also really did not like what he saw on the other side.

I do not know what is up with Highwater's face, there.

Buddy, however, remembers this area from when he was thrown out of the comic by that peyote whale. While several other characters try and fail to take down Overman, Buddy jumps through the rift and starts fucking with Overman from outside the comic.

Buddy's first plan is launch all-out attack on Overman from this area, where Overman can't get to him. However, he fails to realize Overman can still see and interact with parts of him that dip into the panel and spends too much time on mind games, allowing Overman to grab and yank him him back into the comic and through several floors of Arkham, all the way down into the basement. Buddy looks to be up shit creek when he gets some unexpected help from another character I'll discuss in the main article, and the two yank Overman out into the white space. Overman sees, well, you, and has an existential meltdown, allowing Buddy to trap him in a comic panel and crush him.

There's something awfully familiar about the idea of being confined in a rectangle while getting attacked by somebody outside of it.

With some characters even going as far as to mess with the rectangle.

Does Buddy trapping Overman in a panel he can just fit in remind anyone else of those times in Undertale when Flowey traps the SOUL in a tiny box and surrounds it with a ring of bullets? Or Sans trapping the SOUL if you accept when he gives you the chance to end the fight and walk away? And Overman (and hell, Ultraman, too) pushing against it, the way you push the bullet board around at the end of the Sans fight?

And it might be getting into "Kimba? Simba? Hmm, suspicious!" territory to point out what the opposite of "over" is, but I don't know what the hell is going on anymore.

Oh my god. I think the symbol on Overman's chest is supposed to be a cross between an O and a V, or maybe Superman's diamond simplified into a triangle that's contouring to his pectorals. But it looks like a big red heart.

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