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Jeez, first you break the feminine mold, then you fall right back into it.

Ooh, right in the store. But that's not nearly as bad as what's just to the right...

... why are they all men?

Oh great, now we'll NEVER know where E. Honda was going with a towel.

While Sagat tries to kick Tiger off his short-lived superhero team, we learn Balrog lost his real hands in an accident some years back, and got boxing gloves in their place. Also, note the place he's eating at...

This is probably more accurate than you'd think. What we call "Chinese" is actually straight out of America.


"NO you Chinese officials may NOT come into this meat packing factory! I don't even know how we've fit three people in here. It's 2-dimensional!"

It took me a minute to realize this guy was polevautling. Now, polevaulting from WHERE since he's directly in front of a shop is anyone's guess, but that's still better than what I original thought it was: him falling off the roof and thinking it TOTALLY RAD that he's doing to impale his head on a stick.

Carrot top takes his prop jokes to a new extreme, electrocutes himself, and the world rejoices.

I bet he's making soylent green!

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