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Say what you want about the Street Fighter movie, but at least it had a better explanation for Blanka's existence than this.

That's for your dance on the previous page! (and I am terribly sorry about the nausiating quality)

DeeJay's getting a little excited over those Blanka Burgers...

"Not a WORD out of you, Cheetah. It's a gambling debt I racked up on the previous page."

"Come, friend! Charlie, maybe? I'll be Mad Dog, and you can be Lance! I guess those spotless cheetahs can be Red Falcon!"

Zangief goes Easter Egg hunting.

M. Bison watches the pinata and ponders his own lost childhood. Or maybe he thinks Chun Li is hot.

DUN duhduh DUUH! Dun duh duhhhhn... DUN duhdun DUH dut duhdun dun DUN!

I'm not sure if these birds are planning to bean Indy, or Cammy, or maybe even the skull and crossbones on the cave. Maybe there's a key in it, ala Shadowgate.

Mr. Monkey really thinks you should be looking at Vega's wood carving of himself.

"Do you know you were going THREE miles an hour in a ONE mile zone?"

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