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Well, I don't have much to comment on here. Guile really got screwed over. He was the first to get clobbered (and he got socked when minding his own business to boot), and his pages are some of the less interesting in the book.

"I don't like you, OR your groin, OR these boxes!"

"Look pal, I'm happy to help you jump start your car. But did you have to attach the clamps to my nipples?"

"Hey, Cammy! I got my dad's Bomber for the weekend! Wanna go for a ride?"

"If you don't stop these paper airplanes, I'm gonna..." wait...

...oh my god! Could this be Guile Sr.?

Uh, somebody care to explain the Sephiroth balloon in the bottom right? As if the inclusion of him in a book about a Capcom video game wasn't enough, this book was released, what, five years before Final Fantasy 7?

Hey, kids! Find the flying saucer! It's not like's is SURROUNDED BY YELLOW LIGHTNING or anything!

I kind of hope that dog is just there, and not part of the joke of why everyone wants to beat up this kid and his "lemonade" stand.

Aaand what country is this?

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