Monkey Island Oddities

I wonder if whoever came up with the final battle of Tales of Monkey Island was thinking of this (minus the "evil" part).

Oh, this game was released in 1997? Doesn't show.

I have nothing to add.

There's two weird things about this scene. First, LeChuck had Guybrush over the acid pit with Wally in the scene this is referring to, not on a rack. Second, I thought Guybrush having brown hair in the first two games was just so his hair wouldn't look so garrish, because he's blonde in the closeup shots of his face. But in this scene, the Guybrush mannequin has darker hair than the real one. Did Guybrush dye his hair for LeChuck's Revenge, or what?


I'm pretty sure the glass unicorns in the first chapter are a reference to the unicorn Speedball gives Sam in Sam & Max: Season One.

I actually missed this reference to Wallace and Gromit when it happened in the game, and only caught onto it when I was looking through my screenshots.

When did JamesFP get a job at TellTale games?

Especially in the crotch.

Uh oh, Guybrush, you made a boo-boo! It wasn't 8,000 pieces of eight...

... it was 6,000. Still impressive, I guess.

Also, how do you bind a hook hand?

I think Guybrush just punctured an eardrum.


The Abomination of Nature

In Escape from Monkey Island, you have to get a prosthetic skin by telling the owner three names from the bottom of a manhole cover (it's a long story). Give him the wrong names, he'll give you a junk prosthetic, which includes a head, a liver, a stomach, and a severed ass.

There's seven junk pieces in all, and the man will give you a different one every time you give him a different set of wrong names. You can't drop them, so they just sit there glutting your inventory. Is there anything you can do with them?

Why, yes, you can mash 'em together!

Guybrush Is Not a Sound Sleeper

Spoilers start now, but I'll kick off with something that happens within ten minutes. But the big time spoilers are just around the corner, so if you don't want them then head back to the File Cabinet now.

So at the beginning of Tales of Monkey Island, Guybrush does a stupid and blows up Elaine's ship. As the opening credits begin, Guybrush floats by unconscious on a chunk of debris.

Then he floats by again only... he's on his stomach.

... then he's back on his back...

... and as the credits wrap up, he's back on his stomach...

Even better, given the angle to boat is floating at, he should have fallen off in the two shots he's on his back.

Then at the very end of the game (oh yeah, here's the big spoilers), it happens again. After Guybrush sacrifices his last shred of life to close the rift on LeChuck, he collapses on his stomach, facing the center of the crossroads.

But after Elaine and Morgan destroy LeChuck, Guybrush is on his back, with his feet pointing to the center of the crossroads.

What, did the explosion from LeChuck flip him over?

Guybrush's Magic Disappearing, Reappearing Hand

At the beginning of the second chapter Guybrush gets his left hand cut off and ends up up with a hook for most of the rest of the game. Oh, they even rendered his severed wrist, which you can get a glimpse of before he gets the hook.

Even when he gets zombified in the fifth chapter, he still has the hook hand.

But there's a brief scene in the cutscene leading up to the final boss, where LeChuck slams Guybrush against the deck of the ship, and...

... Guybrush suddenly has his left hand back.

And then it goes back to being a hook.

Elaine Tries to Screw the World

In Chapter 5, Guybrush does an even bigger stupid and opens the Crossroads to get back to the world of the living, only to find that all hell has broken loose. The rift also allows LeChuck to absorb a massive amount of voodoo power from the Crossroads. And as if that weren't enough, Elaine then agrees to become LeChuck's demon bride, tells Guybrush to piss off, and then sprays him with ghost-zapping root beer.

Then, lo and behold, it was all part of her plan.

Aside from the fact that Guybrush should feel really used, Elaine's plan depended on Guybrush not being emotionally devestated by her betrayal. And the kicker is that he was, and if Morgan, who Elaine might not have even remembered (she was heavily poxed up during her only encounter with Morgan) and certainly didn't know was dead, hadn't been around to verbally slap some sense back into Guybrush, everything would have been fucked. But I guess it was a necessary risk to... actually, I'm not entirely sure why she had to do that. I guess to get her hands on LeChuck's sword?

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