Video Game Box Art I Actually Like


Awesome's box art is pretty, well, awesome. I don't think Roger Dean did this one, but it's still damned sweet.

Chrono Quest

But this totally is Roger Dean, who did a lot of great stuff for Psygnosis in the Amiga days.

Contra: Hard Corps

Okay, Ray's a little on the sweaty side, and he's firing the gun with his eyes closed, but it's still a damn awesome fight with a real in-game boss to get you pumped.

Dungeons and Dragons: Order of the Griffon

Time has waned not my hatred for that dumbass by the rock, but this is still otherwise an awesome fantasy battle.

Earthworm Jim

Awesome acrylic cartoon work, even if it does kind of look like Psy-Crow is gearing up to bite Jim in the crotch.

Elemental Master (JP)

This is so much cooler than the American version. I guess I have a thing for box arts of the character fighting one of the bosses you yourself will eventually get to.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

This lost something in the scan. The real thing is just mind-blowing.

NeoGeo Sunsoft Collection

Trying to ignore the fact Dandy J is freaking huge, what I like most is the cartoonier take on the Galaxy Fight characters.

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom

Know what else is disappointing about this game? It has the coolest box art of any Phantasy Star, even if I have no idea who the robot is suppsed to be. Siren? Dark Force?


I actually prefer this to the Wii's version, and not just because of the IGN watermark - I'm actually far annoyed with that "9.5 out of 10" circle. This version is also cleaner, and looks less like something slapped together from two different sources.

Shadow of the Beast

More amazing Roger Dean work. It's just a damned shame the actual game doesn't live up to the box art, in-game graphics, and soundtrack.

Shadow of the Beast 3

Roger Dean didn't do this, but the new guy did his best to maintain the mood. I suppose my one gripe is it does look a bit like Dr. Manhattan going on a rampage.

Where's Shadow of the Beast 2 you ask? I'm actually not that fond of its box art. The Sega CD version's is actually okay, but the Amiga version... I don't hate it, but the big blue space bugs me and Roger Dean kinda phoned in by sticking robot frogs on one of his earlier paintings.

Too Human

As far as modern box art goes this is a bit better than a lot of the samey, bland garbage out there. I really like the color and lighting, I just wish it'd been used on something besides a mugshot.

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