The Blaster Master Comic

I'm sure many a Blaster Master fan is aware of the novel. In it we were introduced to Eve, the extraterrestrial whose home planet was nuked by the Plutonium Boss. The Boss then came to Earth based on some data Eve sent back to her home planet, and she came to save our world, a task which eventually became Jason's. Even though it was appearantly canonized with the release of Blasting Again I don't think the book was originally written with any consent from Sunsoft; it was the first in a series of video game novels called "Worlds of Power" which also included that Bionic Commando one where the main character's name was "Jack Markson", and a Wizards and Warriors one about some kid following Kratos around and doing basically nothing. The reason Blaster Master worked was because the game had no plot to begin with, and the author could basically write whatever the hell he wanted and not have the readers go "WTF?" There was also another attempt to fill Blaster Master with more plot than "find your frog". It was a comic that was put out by Sunsoft themselves.

I don't know the details, but I think in the NES era Sunsoft had their own magazine, where they ran this comic. Who was high on what when they wrote this? The comic is almost as ridiculous as the one for Doom, but would probably go beyond it if I had more chapters, more chapters I honestly hope don't exist; I don't even want to think about what crazy stuff would have gone on if they went all the way up to the Plutonium Boss. And at least the Doom one was decently drawn. Ah, but I'm rambling too much. I could never describe this comic in words, so I'll leave you to read it for yourself.

  • I had to clip this one up because it caused horizontal scrolling on 600x800 resolutions.
  • I will forever refuse to call the first boss "Cramitor". And why does he have eyes?!
  • "Mutant Mafia"? What the hell? Many people may want Blaster Master 2 erased from history (with good reason), but at least it was the game that gave us the term "Lightning Being".

  • Because this is the second time they've had to refer to him as "Jason B. Masters", I have to bring up the question of what they wanted the "B" to stand for. I get the hunch it was "Blasters".
  • At first I was struggling to recall an H.R. Giger Alien in any of the games. Then it donned on me that, both from their name and appearance, Sunsoft was pulling crap from Xenophobe.
  • Why are they calling Sophia "Metal Attacker" when it had a name from the first game? Even if you didn't have the manual or never beat the game and saw that medal with the dragon on it, it only says "Sophia the 3rd NORA MA-01" at the bottom of the pause screen.

  • Jason has a nice ass. Not Robotnik nice, but still.
  • I'm trying to avoid the most obvious stuff in these notes, but I have to mention this one: "Uh-oh! Jason's ticked off now! Stand back - HE'S A NUT!"
  • Take a look at the bottom right corner of the last one. It took them three months to make this. Wow.
  • I presume (or hope) the reason for the mistletoe is that this is a Christmas issue.

Well folks, it ends here. This is all I have, and hopefully this is all that was ever made. The book may not have been Les Miserables, but at least it was more than a bunch of random taglines, gave us a backstory that was well thought out enough to be acknowledged by the game creators themselves, and had Alex who actually succeeded in being funny. I think now I know why Roddy knocks his head around like that. Our choices are "What goes on in this comic is a sign that his father was messed in the head too", or "He got brain damage from reading this comic". Since this comic was probably and hopefully retconned, I think we can safely throw out the former.

I'm going to hate myself for this, but if you know of additional chapters (or heck, maybe even a place that has the entire comic so I can see how far down the rabbit hole this thing goes) drop me a line.

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