One of a triumvirate of lion-like beasts, along with the Manticore and the Chimera. It possesses the power of lightning and the mind, and has dominancy over the Chimera.

His actual name is "Nekuzha" and is the mellowest of the three. Azhadak stands upright and Ruka is bigger, but Nekuzha can fly and thus reach heights the other two can only dream of.

Painting is acrylic on canvas, actual size 36" X 36"

More Images

Little dude riding a griffin through a forest. Acrylic on canvas, actual size 40" X 30".

Old sketch. I drew the image too low on the paper, and couldn't draw the left wing and right tail.

A xerox of the main image, colored with pencils. This color scheme didn't stick very long.

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