The head of a lion, the legs and horns of a goat, and the body and tail of a snake. One of a triumvirate of lion-like beasts, along with the Griffin and the Manticore. It possesses the power of ice and the soul, and has dominancy over the Manticore.

His actual name is "Azhadak" and while surly, he's not that bad once you get to know him. Azhadak and Nekuzha are actually the same size, but Azhadak stands upright.

Painting is acrylic on canvas, actual size 36" X 36".

More Images

Landscape painting. After I did the first set of paintings, somebody in my class suggested making life-sized paintings of the three beasts. I think you can see why I wasn't too keen on that idea. (Acrylic on canvas, actual size 40" X 30")

Old sketch.

Rough notebook sketch compared to an xkcd character. In this version, I decided to make its arms scaly instead of furry.

Cute baby chimera!

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