A scorpion-like scavenger, about the size of a dog. They live in a colony, headed by a Queen to which they bring most of their carcasses. Though they are mainly scavengers, they will take live prey when they can and team up to bring down larger animals. They mainly reside in caves and abandoned buildings and are completely blind, relying on scent and feel to find food.

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This is a slightly older Scurge. When I started drawing this, I only had one Scurge in mind, and it wasn't until a little while after I finished this that I thought "Say, what if they were like Aliens, and there's a Queen?" I originally thought of calling this a worker Scurge, but the Queen just looks like a really bloated one of these, so I tried to make them a little more different.

First draft of Scurge, was eventually split into the Worker and Queen Scurges - note the eye in the beak, and it looks like it's laying an egg. The weird angle it's at is because I imagined it hanging off the ceiling.

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