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Was there anybody out there who didn't read that as "In Soviet Russia, factories run YOU!"

"You're not a log, but you'll do fine!"

The Force is strong with you, Robi-Wan!

Create your own joke here by combining Mary Poppins, the Beatles, and/or Mario.

Blanka's way of blowing off robots that try to propose to him.

I don't know what's best about this picture: that a robot needs to eat, the smilie face on the lunchbox, or the fact the lunchbox somehow fell asleep.

Oh come on, he's already dead. What, he insult your family or something?

"I give 'em a HEIL HITLER out of 10!"

For those who didn't think C3P0 could be any gayer.

After failing to electrocute himself back on Chun Li's page, Carrot Top decides to just feed himself to a wolf.

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