rock shaped like a - ... a rock?

codiekitty owns a mansion

hiruko goodnight musicbox
- Goodnight room. Goodnight moon. Goodnight cow jumping over the moon. Goodnight Hiruko. Goodnight Akujiki.

intitle: index of p0rn -comfort

free sexy naked men pictures
- You're welcome.

bad looney tunes - TIME FOR A SPANKIN'.

did skeletor have furry underwear in the original series

kitty & lemming

make me a sentence
- Fine, you're a sentence.

hanger man x4 - His weapon is strong against Fetus Man (THAT IS THE WORST JOKE I'VE EVER MADE AND I HATE MYSELF FOR IT)

weak points about the book daniel x - The whole thing?

lemming dragon

how to make underpants like heman

the game called the codie club
- Another one that wound up in Flying Omelette's queries instead of mine. The first rule of Codie Club is, you do not talk about Codie Club!

robotnik's butt organ

sigma firing' laser
- Take cover!

story sonic heroes - Once upon a time, there was a company named Sonic Team, who set out to make the worst game ever...

vikings sucks - This searcher's village was promptly sacked, pillaged, and burned.

master blaster betting - "Five bucks says I beat the crab THIS TIME!" "Dude, maybe you should try something other than standing right in front of it and mashing the grenade button?" "Shut up!"

video game packaging same game different fifa aeris dies - FIFA? The Soccer league?

yup yup yup muppets

blanka eating.

limbo photoshopped
- To make it look less like ass?

girl gets raped by green tenticle in space suit - Man, the things that go on in the Edison mansion...

lemmings inflate

what is the rock ?
- Baby don't hurt me, no more...

scary room inside mansion - How about the one with Green Tentacle in a space suit raping a girl.

codiekitty london bridge

bats flying out of door

best shadow of the colossus tribute period
- How the hell did you land my site??

aaliyah body burned

how thedog sticks look like

figure with armpit hair

finish off super joey and vulture army bionic commando
- Spoiler alert: Super Joe was a kangaroo all along.

lubic jerk masters

lemmings song on parenthood

j elvis weinstein sucks

stop yelling

stuck mud all over his pants
- It's not mud. *Wah wah waaaaahhhh*

whats the myth about the manticore ruka - Next, FO's gonna get "whats the myth about the elf christopher paladin".

giant bees - NOOOO! NOT THE GIANT BEES!!!

how did spencer lose his arm - Well, let me put it this way: Next time your teacher tells you to keep your arm inside the bus window, you do it!

sonic and tails moments - Uh, what kind of moments.

download let's listen: castlevania sotn final stage bloodlines extended mp3 - Let's Listen?

codiekitty's got a bomb look out - I got another stalker!

blaster master: enemy below joins japan's gbc - On the adventure of a lifetime!

stories about bickering old people

book pregnant moms children can talk telephathically

skelitor says ill be back
- "Hey, Skellytor!"

cthulhu swimming

comic book hero about young kid who transforms into a huge muscle bound ma but not thre hulk man when angered
- Well, he does it when he wants, not when angered, but it sounds like Prime.

codiekitty london - That's great. There could also be Codiekitty DC, Codiekitty Cairo, and Codiekitty Rome.

earthworm jim watching queen explode - When Jim realized Psy-Crow wasn't at the concert because he had a fondness for Seven Seas of Rhye, it was too late.

what is robotnick doing right now - Getting mad that you misspelled his name?

robotnik tries to start a youtube fad - But his videos of him dancing to "Shake Your Booty" just grossed everyone out.

codiekitty rocket pants

ladd spencer vs nathan spencer

bionic commando bazooka controling
- You press the fire button and it goes straight!

blaster master
blaster master sprite
blaster master t shirts
- All of these were in a row on the same day. Fun fact! There actually was an official Blaster Master t-shirt! It just had the box art on it, though. The game came with an order form for it and some other Sunsoft t-shirts.

cranky kong vs - If you finish this with the next entry on the list, it's cranky kong vs mario busters

bink and chameleon kissing

luigi perv
- I guess he was the one who wanted to see Bink and Chameleon kissing?

i want to see dr.robotnik s butt - Or maybe this was Luigi.

blaster master flying

man in frog suit

what is ck the video game
- Imaginary?

who invented skeletor?

super mario rpg is overhyped
admit it mario is overrated
overrated games super mario rpg
- All on the same day.

i ruined everyone's christmas - With your opinions, I hope.

tetsuo mutation parody

cartoon butt cheek

don't be a lemming products
- Can do!

smbss toad run for it guys!!!

image of fat man on spit
- Ew?

super mario toad pulls off his head

shadow of the colossus final boss fucking stupid

where does lemmings orohonate
- Where do lemmings what?

super mario rpg easiest way to suicide

plants vs zombies plof pieper
- What's a plof pieper?

how to get blafleur in bed - Give him a plof pieper.

masters of the universe was gay - You're about twenty years behind the bandwagon, dude.

aliens that fly and have tentacles that latch onto people and mind control them

what does the boggyman look like?

codiekitty in da house

puzzled wrench

blaster master blasting again jason alive
- Brought to you by the same folks as "final fantasy 7 aeris alive" and "harry potter goblet of fire cedric alive".

fat freaks

luigi's castle brutal mario

song kitty something going on in the kitchen

corny movies that take themselves seriously

kega fusion my eyes hurt

earthworm jim graphic explosion
- I can't help picturing a room with paper cutouts of Earthworm Jim sprites all over.

are games over rated
are games overrated
- Yup, I bet taking the space out will help.
are video games overrated top - Oh shut up already.

dr.eggman fuck screen

where do lemmings come from
- A stork who has a tendency to bump into things.

kitchen ace and taking names trumpets - I don't know what's better; that this guy just wants the trumpets, or that there aren't any trumpets in that song.

wario master of disguise stupid fucking labyrinth

neglected mario characters codeykitty

plants vs zombies ultimate setups

master system enchanted castle alex kidd sega sega sega sega sega sega sega sega

girl getting pregnant off of a tentacle
- The thrilling conclusion to the Green Tentacle rape. And by "thrilling" I mean "horrifying."

where to find bullets in nes bionic commando to build life - Enemies drop them. When you shoot them. Did you start the game and immediately look that up before shooting that first enemy trooper two seconds into the first level?

what happened to wwwxnxxcom?

what do chicken feces look like

spider grenades

got lemmings?

i would kill for a sandwich nintendo censor

codiekitty rocks the house

how do i save my nes game bionic commando
- Put it somewhere safe.

blaster master overdrive how do i beat area 1 boss - To which I hear John DiMaggio yelling "You suck!" from the first Zapp Brannigan episode.

pictures of dirt flying in the air

what pages is there sexual references on in daniel x

darth vader marching film still
- Anyone else picturing an old-timey film of Darth Vader goosestepping? How about now?

bollywood zero hours hunsh rimix song dounlod

armpit claw
- Ow?

the dangerous days of daniel x turd

bionic commando rearmed voice file hey
- Listen!

how to use lemmings main menu mac - I still get searches from people who can't beat the final boss of Bionic Commando 2009, who's auto-defeated in a cutscene. I still get searches from people who can't get out of the tank in Blaster Master 2. Now I've got somebody who can't work the main menu in a Lemmings game.

arrested development laughing gif

blasting games but with no blood
- Oh yeah, another annoyance with Blasting Again I never mentioned before? In a lot of the dungeons there's these annoying as all hell bat enemies. They're a pain in the ass to kill because they're so small it's hard to hit them with the main gun, and the Hypersonic is so random and inaccurate sometimes I'd be surrounded and Roddy would still somehow manage to miss all of them. But what irritates me most is when they tackle Roddy a bunch of blood spurts out of him. I don't know why somebody thought that was necessary. And why are they the only enemies that make Roddy do that?

freakazoid smoking

most overrated gba game
- Wario Ware Twisted.

take a d*

classic luigi cartoon

how the fuck do i get off sophia in blaster master 2

blaster master jason kaiser
- If you're asking if Jason is the Kaiser, no.

hey arn hentai - Hey Arnold?

porn contact lens

mario luigi johnny gba
- The third Mario Brother, everyone! Mario, Luigi, and Johnny!

okay boss song download - Yeah, just an "okay" boss song, please.

codiekitty everybody dance now

plean vs zombie
- What's a plean? Is it related to a plof pieper?

earthworm jim sprites fatty roswell

find out what games i've played
- I'll pass, thanks.

bare butt cartoons

the robotnik moustache
- THE Robotnik Mustache.

how do u know if u got lice

robotnic fucks scratch up the ass

codiekitty is a mouse

man with carrots

lbp sonic and tails
- Little Big Planet? Lyndon B. Ponson? Lesbian Bi-Polar? Let's Be Ponces?

contact lens bizzarre fetish porn

my gf fancies an alien called dan

batman in my basement episode

the adventures of digger and friends

whate george washington wore

castlevania sucks thanks to iga

commando part one what happen
- Arnold set us up the bomb!