lemmings move it move it

somebody knows a game similar to lemmings
- Good for them.

zoombie lemmings - Zoombies!

lemmings music danger danger - Crickey!

can i play 3d lemmings - I guess, but why would you want to?

how fast are greased lemmings?

why wouldnt you want to be a lemmings
- You'd run into things a lot?

how many lemmings are left in the world - However many you saved?

lemmins is too hard - ... to spell.

lemmings grease cover

Bionic Commando

bionic commando controls suck fuking ass

on bionic commando once you get the carrion device is the game almost done
- Why don't you just play the game a little longer and find out for yourself.

bionic commando that building - You know the one!

bionic commando emily sniper - Yes, Emily is actually the sniper. That'd make a hell of a lot more sense than what really happens.

nathan spencer has armpit hair

bionic commando that's people you're breathing
- Or "huffing," whatever floats your boat.

how the fuck do you hurt the first boss on bionic commando rearmed? - I'm pretty sure this is a platoon that ends when you shoot the commander once or twice.

bionic commando how to beat the giant robotic snake - Well at least it's not Groeder or Super Joe...

biconic commando how to reach area 4 - Go to it on the map?

how do you get through the end of bionic commando - You might try playing through it.

bionic commando why does spencer's hair change color

Blaster Master

blaster master overdrive what do you get in lava world - A slight change in scenery and a headache from the music.

blaster master jason's mistake - Chasing after that damn frog.

blaster master sucks like most crap on the nes - I think a simple "Fuck you" will suffice for this guy.

blaster master 2 getout - Make me.

my opinion ruined christmas blaster master

blaster master2 rom how to enter doors
- Wow, somebody out there really sucks at this game.

how to get out of the tanks on blaster master 2 - This guy's so confused about exiting the tank that he thinks there's more than one.

5 reasons why people like master blaster - Reason #5 - We know know enough about it to know what its name actually is.

blaster master overdrive cave - Which one?

blaster master clone - Metal Mech, Dynowarz.

blaster master overdrive levels - A cave, a cave, a cave, and... let me just double check... a cave.

blaster master action figure - I wish.

seriously how do i get out of the tank in blaster master 2????

last boss impossible blaster master
- Y'know, I seem to be the only person at Port Saiid who actually finds him kinda hard, but even then, "impossible" is a huge stretch.

i'm the blaster master

grin saying they want to do blaster master

Dr. Robotnik

dr robotnik dress up game

dr robotnik then and now

games flying out of robotnik's ass
- Were they SNES games?

why is robotnik fat - He has a thyroid problem, you insensitive cad.

robotnik goes - ...wherever he damn well pleases.

does robotnik have a mustache

scratch my ass robotnik

the sexiest fat man on television robotnik

dr robotnik belly button

why did robotnik put a jewel in his belly button

noooo robotnik sound

robotnik that's disgusting

robotnik battle of the fatties

dr robotnik let me out

robotnik goes to play an orgon
- I'm going to pretend this searcher meant "gorgon" and that Robotnik was going to get it on with Medusa.

robotnik spit take

robotnik robot hell


codiekitty and leon kennedy making out in a tree

codie kitty will you marry me?
- I got 7 hits for this on this day...

i love you codie kitty please be mine - ... and fives hits for this.

yo codiekitty where's my limbo review - What's best about this is it didn't actually show up in *my* queries, but Flying Omelette's for CB007's site.

codiekitty white and nerdy - You say that like it's a bad thing.

sport bass fishing edition codiekitty

ck so can can you please tell me something
- ... okay, what?

codiekitty is an explosive fish - What's better - this, or a boulder?

codiekitty wears dresses - Well, it's more creative than combat boots, anyway.

codiekitty bionic arm!

codiekitty who cares i got a bionic arm

i did make a post at your forum codiekitty you ignored it
- Sorry?

codiekitty search results are hilarious

paper mario annoying music codie
codie kitty paper mario -
You're looking for my 20 Most Overrated Games article.

codiekitty on the moon - I actually get this one quite often.

codie kitten neglected characters
- Stop that.

things you should type in on computer codiekitty

codieskitty nightshade
- I don't know if this person is just messing with me, or actually remembered my AIM name better than my normal one.

codiekitty fist of the north star - You want Rager Quitter 87 for that.


Q: How do you defeat Groeder in Bionic Commando 2009?
A: Dodge his damned attacks.

Q: How do you defeat Super Joe in Bionic Commando 2009?
A: The game does it for you. Get a new hobby. If you mean the flying robots, press the buttons that appear on the screen.

Q: How do you get out of the tank in Blaster Master 2?
A: Hold Down and press the Special Weapon button (C by default). Do this again while standing between the tank's wheels to get back in. And never exit at the top of a ladder.

Q: What's the difference between the Master System and the Genesis?
A: The Master System is 8-bit and a piece of shit. The Genesis is 16-bit and actually has some games worth playing.

Other Random Queries

does the sega master system suck

indana jones radias of the lost ark
- Just take its diameter and divide in half.

how to get past censor kitty

is daniel x book good for children
- NO.

game that gets thrown and changes color don't know name - If a game like that exists, I want it.

i skeletor shall steal the key

what is the dorkiest video game?

nightshade spoilers
- Sutekh's real name is Waldo P. Schmeer!

longest typed thing ever

does a coma cause pedophilia

all over his pants movie

super smash bros melee is button mashing crap

boy alien horse psychic flower person

akira tetsuo bear car
- Now I can't get the mental image of Tetsuo driving the cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro out of my head.

the lesser of two bullshits - Guess who has a new catchphrase!

condemned game van horn not showing up - He's camera shy.

remi boucher asshole

raped firing switch
- I hope he meant "rapid"...

darth lundgren - You get a gold star!

how does daniel x have a - ... a what? A book?

ultraforce drinking game - Every time you see Prototype, take a shot!

what does spongebob squarepants was asian he knew karate was an awful driver and was yellow means? - It means he's from Asia, he knows Karate, he's a woman, and he's a coward.

worst video game jacket - The one Wario wears in the Wario Ware series.

why does daniel x matter? - It doesn't.

ystem shcok 2 osund extractor - I love how the hardest word here is the only one he got right.

if you liked daniel x -'re STUPID.

lines while playing nes games - "Fuck those Ninja Gaiden birds!"

grass pokemon more like ass pokemon

e honda retarded

tentacle rapped
- After losing to Dr. Strange for the last time, Shuma-Gorath took up singing about drugs and guns.

let's play daniel x ds - Let's not.

sid meier's terraforming turbografx - That's Syd Mead.

my boss is blasting

sega genesis that like mario but you get carrots

using minor telekinesis on bugs to knock out of air

castlevania symthiy of the night when dose the second staue in the clock tower move
- When you stop calling it "Simthiy" of the Night.

i hate

drug that turns people into monsters
- If such a thing really existed, its entire supply would be depleted overnight by ten-year-old boys and Rampage fanatics.

things you can turn into in daniel x the ultimate power - How about somebody playing another, less horrible game?

cat hiptar

songs that relate to the book daniel x
- "You're Pitiful" by Weird Al

please tell me the daniel x manga isn't real - I'm sorry, it is.

contact lens porn

sexy 8bit game characters
- Stanley the Bugman. Rrrrrowl.

the story of a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly subtitles - Why do you need subtitles in a book?

does anyone know whats movie name of hentai schoolgirl on bike gets pleasured

i remember an old anime show where people had these books and with these books they could control a doll or puppet of some kind and they would use the puppets to fight eachother and when the puppet die the book would burst into flames anyone remember what is was called?

capcom hates us all %0d%0afirst we don't get ace attorney investigations 2 in america now megaman legends 3 is dead %0d%0ascrew you capcom you're not getting any more of my money
- No mention of the one-time-use Resident Evil: Mercenaries?

chun li meat

what shoes dose skx have in condemned

no difference between sega master system and sega genesis games
- Look harder.

freakazoid's bare feet - Stanley Kubrick bring his foot fetish to my search queries.

book that comes with little green monster named pip - I don't want a book that comes with a little green monster named anything.

japanese movie space jeep - Spaaaace Jeeeeeep!

mst3k get naked and mud wrestle

sonic the hedgehog cats having sex

rehashed castlevania
- Everything since Symphony of the Night.

fuck the universe cat

manticore in hell images

banjo tooie dick island

dom deluise as mario

buttress bum tribe

how to beat the screaming buff guy in condemned 2

jason seagulls muppet movie big blue muppet

darnkitty lemmings music

mario and luigi bowser's inside story blitty plush toys - Don't I wish.