August 12, 2010

please get dr robotniks ass off my screen

robotnik's ass is taking up my screen

Coming to the page these searches probably bring you to (twice) won't help.

September 6, 2010

codiekitty lunchbox

what time is the codiekitty show on

a codiekitty force action figures

mighty fighting force cat codiekitty

how to guide on codiekittyt

codiekitty how are you doing

codiekitty is internet

how do i order so codiekitty

the codiekitty code by dan brown

codiekitty lemming force man

the codiekitty channel

I don't know what's weirder, getting all these queries on the same day, or that it only happened on one day. Oh, and "the codiekitty code by dan brown" wins.

September 14

codiekitty your opinion is wrong

daniel x does not suck

codiekitty shadow of the colossus

Who wants to bet these were all from the same person? Or just the first two, and the third one was that same guy who kept dumping "flying omelette icycalm" into FO's query repots.

On a side note, I get more queries about Daniel X than anything else except Dr. Robotnik, and that makes me angry.

Other Queries About Me

codiekitty furry - Come say that to my face so I can shove a rubber mouse up your ass.

codiekitty is overrated

history chrome how do i do this codiekitty
- Why are you asking me? I'd try help you out if I had any idea what you were even talking about.

The Best Dr. Robotnik Searches

robotnik chokes sonic - Better than choking the chicken, I guess.

robotnik's mother's ass

dr robotnik's ass takes up half the screen
- I got this and the above one on the same day, and I don't know if I should be relieved or disappointed that I didn't get "robotnik's mother's ass takes up half the screen".

robotnik sexiest fat

robotnik belly

robotnik is husband to sonic's mother

robotnik robotnik yeah yeah yeah

doctor robotnik loincloth

robotnik is fat
- Thank you Captain Obvious.

dr eggman ripping off mustache

The Worst Dr. Robotnik Searches

stuff between robotnik's ass cheeks

robotnik takes it up the bum

Other Random Queries

wery beeg p0rn

what is the difference between the sega genisis and the sega master system?
- What, you can't tell?

make your own half robot half elite plane

most overrated games shadow of the colossus

game where you are yellow and you can shape shift

fantastic sequel to all that pip and flinx bullshit

who has lovingly rendered ass cheeks

dave ryder scream

why george lucas should be executed

was the forgotten planet playtested sigma star saga
- Evidently not.

munchable pokemon cards

don't make the mistake these people did don't die mike nelson

how the fuck do you kill the fabricator bionic commando
- This thing pissed this guy off more than it did me.

rescue rangers ico - Sounds like an idea for the most overrated game ever.