Psychonauts (Xbox / T)
Great atmosphere, memorable set pieces, and top-notch humor make up for some clunky platforming. It's by no means broken, but the levels are either simplistic or splitting headaches because of the awkward camera and controls, especially the final two.
Rating: Good

Azure Dreams (Game Boy Color)
I wish there were more than three kinds of floors, because okay as the actual monster catching and fighting is, it can get really tedious to grind the tower when many of the floors look and play the same, just with different monsters.
Rating: Decent

Operation C (Game Boy)
It's more of the NES Contras, and if you've been paying attention you can probably hazard a guess as to what I might say here.
Rating: Decent

Illusion of Gaia (SNES)
Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who liked Soul Blazer more than this, but Gaia's still okay. Some decent atmosphere and puzzles, I just wish the plot wasn't so screwy and nonsensical.
Rating: Decent

Fable: The Lost Chapters (Xbox / M)
A decent action RPG with bugs and oversights up the ass, from choppy framerates to two copies of a character spawning in one spot, or that exploit with the gems that essentially nets you as much money as you want. I never heard any of Peter Molyneux's boasting, so maybe my lack of expectations allowed me to enjoy it more than I should have.
Rating: Decent

Super Mario Sunshine (Gamecube / E)
Why, lookie here! It's another game that would be ridiculously easy if not for the piss poor camera and slippery, clunky controls! Not to mention the levels seem to be designed with aesthetics in mind rather than function, which often lands scenery between you and the camera. The only nice things I can say about it are the graphics are okay and the floating platform segments are great. But Nintendo still found a way to screw those up with that last one, the one where the islanders fling you around and your positioning has to be pixel perfect or else get chucked into the void. The Hotel area sucked ass as did that King Boo boss that took forever to kill, and the final boss was so insultingly horrible that when I beat it and realized that was it, it quashed any doubts I had that I was going to shelve the game after I beat it, rather than going on for all the shines.
Rating: Lame