Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (DS / T)
Mostly more of the same Phoenix Wright goodness with some inane forensic minigames straight out of Phoenix Wright 1.5.
Rating: Good

Kid Dracula (Game Boy)
Decent platforming and some frantic level design, but kind of easy.
Rating: Decent

Doom (Xbox 360 Arcade / M)
This game had taunted me since my childhood, but now (or at least since beating it) I've finally silenced that ghost. Part of the problem with me thinking this game was impossible was my only previous experience with it was on the SNES, and that version is brutal, mostly because of the inability to save which means you have to play an entire chapter in one sitting, and hopefully without dying or else have to fight the legions of hell with a pistol. Although with the ability to save whenever you want some of the difficulty is removed, but there's still lots of exploring to be done and some frightening atmosphere, like that room with the walls that looked like somebody wallpapered skeletons to the wall with skin. However, the Thy Flesh Consumed chapter (which wasn't on the SNES version) is a letdown - the first two levels' approach to "challenge" seems to be to fill the rooms with as many enemies as the processor can handle and make every other enemy a Baron of Hell which aren't particularly hard to kill, just ammo consuming. It gives that a rest for most of the rest of the chapter, but has a throwback in one of the last stages.
Rating: Good

Braid (Xbox 360 Arcade / E)
I probably would have liked this game a lot more had it presented itself with some modesty. Doing something about all that pretentious exposition that commits at least five of the twelve deady sins of video game storytelling (4, 7 and 9 definitely, 10, 12. Maybe 11) would have been a great start. What we've got here is a decent, but extremely arrogant puzzle platformer that thinks it has anything on Lost Vikings. Also, I'm more inclined to be nice to a game that's mediocre but at least trying or at the very least apologizing, than I would be towards a game that's somewhat above average and pompous.

Donkey Kong (Game Boy)
Another one that tormented me from my childhood that I was finally able to overcome. Although some puzzles stumped me for a while, it did seem kind of easy, but as far as puzzle platformers go, it certainly kicks the crap out of Braid.
Rating: Good

Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals (SNES)
This game wanted me to hate it. The first half wasn't so bad, but starting with that insulting wedding sequence the game did everything it could to piss me off. Making three boss fights in a row the same prick, not to mention I had already beaten him once before. The fire dragon boss that put my entire party to sleep and butchered me at his whim. The totally irrelevent plot digressions that felt like arbitrary padding, like the Ghost Ship and militaristic empire. When I beat the game, I was more relieved to be done with it than anything. By the way, no, I didn't solve the World's Most Difficult Trick, but given it's a Professor Layton-esque sliding tile puzzle, you'd have to make a pretty strong case to convince me there really is some trick to it and it couldn't be solved just by having the patience of a saint and sliding the tiles around long enough.
Rating: Lame