The most tolerable episode was the evil tree one, and it pretty much wins by default as it's the only episode that doesn't suck. The biggest problem with this cartoon is that nothing happens. And when something does happen, it's never anything significant. An entire episode is dedicated to retrieving a key to open a box Sagar keeps Spring in (yes, the season. Don't ask), but at the end the key is lost and it's revealed Blackstar could have just whacked the box with the Starsword, leaving you to wonder what the hell that episode was for. Actions sequences amount to "I will occasionally do something to briefly delay you!" then conclude in a big deus ex machina. I'm not making this up: at the end of one episode, Blackstar and his friends are all trapped by a pillar of fire that reaches to the sky generated by the magic of an evil sorceress. Oh noes, how will they escape? Blackstar pulls a new Starsword power out of his ass, a shield, and walks out of the flames and up to the sorceress from HER FRONT and takes her crown off. This causes the fire pillar to jump over to her, and she burns to a crisp, or she's dragged back to Hell, whatever you want to make of it. In another episode, Blackstar, Klone, and some random guy are trapped in an energy cage that's shrinking. Oh noes, how will they ever get out of THIS mess! Well, Mana just happened to be in the neighborhood, flies in, and dissipates the cage. And not once, but twice in the series Blackstar beats his opponents by zapping some salactites off the ceiling that are conveniently arranged in a perfect circle above the enemies, trapping them in a cage. As if the writing wasn't bad enough, the show is made even harder to watch because everything on Sagar is red and purple with a vomit yellow sky - it's not alien, it's ugly. This show only lasted one season of thirteen episodes, yet going through all thirteen episodes felt like an eternity.
Rating: Garbage

This is everything a cartoon should be. Intelligent plots, complex, colorful characters, and it's actually funny! It's also a gorgeous, some highlights being New New York at Christmastime and the universe in Godfellas. But what the hell happened at Season 4? Sure, a few of the episodes were good, but most of them were plain stupid, and even the good ones weren't up to par with the better episodes of the other seasons. Bend Her, Spanish Fry, and Less Than Hero, what I felt to be the three worst episodes in the entire series in that order from worst to... not worst, are all found in Season 4. Less than Hero and Spanish Fry hinge on somebody blabbing something because they read the script. Watching Bender get a sex change was up there with Homer Simpson making out and having kids with himself on the list of things I could have happily gone the rest of my life without seeing.
Rating: Great

Family Guy
Occasionally this show strikes gold, but that's once in a great while. Most of the other jokes:
(A) get dragged out well beyond the point of tedious and often weren't funny to begin with
(B) amount to "OMG! We said TESTICLES on a cartoon!"
(C) are fanboy servicing without any kind of real joke, or
(D) are almost painfully predictable, like "Touched by an Angel"
But in the very rare instance the show is legitamately funny, it actually is hilarious.
Rating: Lame

Robot Chicken
This is like Family Guy without the occasional jackpot. Maybe six or seven times in the entire first season did I crack a smile. Any other time I had any kind of reaction to this show, it was wimpering and writhing in pain. Do people seriously think the Incredible Hulk relieving himself on Wonder Woman's fine china (or maybe it was Catwoman's, I don't remember), a Voltron machine humping another, and Skeletor passing gas are funny? And don't get me started on that nausiating Cowboy diorama, or child-eating mecha-Walt Disney. The only good thing about this show is each episode only lasts about ten minutes.
Rating: Garbage