Ducktales 2 (NES)
Your typical stupidly easy Disney NES game. I have no idea why I didn't beat this game on my first try. Maybe it was just because I was just making sure the game worked instead of making a serious attempt to get through it, but I'm still embarassed.
Rating: Bad

Plok (SNES)
Challenging platformer with lots of creative ideas in level design, though some weren't taken to their full potential. This is also one of the best looking games I've ever played.
Rating: Great

The Legend of Zelda (NES)
Yes, I never beat this game until this year. I am ashamed.
Rating: Great

Ys Book 1 & 2 (TG-CD)
Great mazes, puzzles, and mysteries, a killer soundtrack, and while the graphics are mostly just okay there's some really mindblowing moments like the flames in the final boss's room. I just wish the boss battles were a little better, as there's too much emphasis on levels - this is one of those games where you might go into a boss, battle it ten times but still can't beat it, gain one level, and suddenly he's impossible to lose to.
Rating: Great

Pokemon Diamond (DS / E)
Good crap this game is slow. When a Pokemon enters the fight it has to do a little dance, then when it takes damage the HP meter depletes slowly, and what with all the battle pauses I have to wonder if somebody on the staff thought they were making this game for a system with loading delays. And whose bright ideas were the fog, sinking mud, and snow hazards? Oh, and the stupid encounter rate in caves. A small handful of Pokemon look good, but for the most part they range from mediocre to terrible, and I can't look at Dialga without expecting his head to snap off from the weight of that giant head crest of his. The music is bloody annoying, too.
Rating: Lame

Rocket: Robot on Wheels (N64)
More or less the 3D equivelent of Plok with Super Mario 64-esque doodad collecting. There's a great game here, but sloppy camera and controls bog it down.
Rating: Good