Meragidd is the destroyer and the god of death in his world. Many take this to mean he's evil, but he's just doing his job.

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Diptyich of Maaza and Meragidd. With Arlene peeking in from behind Maaza. If you're noticing Meragidd is identical to the ink and colored pencil drawing above, it's because I used a projector to copy that image to the canvas. Maaza, however, is completely different from her colored pencil image because somebody stole said projecter in between the two paintings ): (

Slightly older version (the spikes on his body aren't as well defined). I just could not photograph this painting without the glare because the ink I mixed into the medium to make the warped effect in the background makes it super shiny, and a pain to photograph without getting a glare or making the image blurry. (Acrylic and india ink on canvas, actual size 30" X 40")

Crude and somewhat old colored pencil sketch made to demonstrate his color scheme though I'd probably color the main tail the same color as his flesh and the flesh parts are too yellow. The actual design is somewhat innacurate - note how the lower wings attach to his back instead of his hips, and the side of the head doesn't have the oval-shaped "peels".

This scribble is the first drawing I ever did of him in my history notebook. Note the second head in the chest, and this version has three tails instead of one. Also included is the head of water god Verrog.

A somewhat chibi (what with the slightly large head and small body) notebook doodle, but it's actually remarkably accurate how I imagine him down to the angle he hovers in. Too bad there's so many stray lines and you can see all the pink smudges where I erased because the notebook I drew this in has really crappy paper (in fact, you can only use one side of each sheet, because if you try to erase on the backside the eraser will actually strip away layers of the paper).

Notebook doodle, more of the front seen than normal and his tail has a more accurate length and whippiness.

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