Hiboshi is the fire god.

I don't think I could have asked for a better head, but that's all I really like about this picture - I don't like how the shoulders concave, and his belt-thing is off...

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First version of Hiboshi. Yes, that's essentially a trio of volcanos floating on a pile of lava, and the one that looks like a face is eternally puking lava on itself. He was cute, but I don't know what I expected him to be capable of.

First drawing of the modern design. I like the pose and the collar and shoulders of the rock armor, but not other parts so much. His face looks more like he's chewing something tough or panting than laughing menacingly.

A page of Hiboshi crap. In the bottom left is a full body I tried to draw, which came out looking stiff. Then I drew the leg, because something wasn't "right" about him just having a pillar of magma than a bull hoove, and it seemed like he needed some kind of rock leg in his leg. Then the arm. Nothing to really say here Then finally the front bust view, which I think came out nicely aside from his mouth looking crocodilian.

Hiboshi showing off his new knee plates to a puny mortal human and puny mortal werewolf.

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