A velociraptor-like reptile native to the savannas, but they do quite well in desert and wooded areas. Despite their size, they're quite intelligent and playful, almost like parrots. Adult males are blue, larger, and have longer arms, and females are green, smaller, and capable of spitting venom. While this venom can kill a grown man, roniths themselves have no way of injecting it into a victim, and can only spray it (though some trainers milk the venom for their weapons). Because adult roniths have no real predators, this venom is used for chasing off unwanted males or defending their young from predators. Except in dire circumstances, the mother ronith give warnings, but if the predator still doesn't get it, they go for the eyes. Ronith venom in the eyes causes excruciating pain while the victim cries blood, and even when the pain stops the victim is permanently blinded.

Females are generally preferred for riding because they're smaller, easier to handle, and if bonded with, will protect their riders with their venom and will trust them near her babies.

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Originally roniths didn't have arms. I don't know what I was thinking either.

Notebook sketch of an onith with a rider and a larger tail fan. When drawing this, it donned on my I accidentally copied Panzer Dragoon, with the dragon evolving from a lizard-thing people ride.

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